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Blast from the past :Movie Review – BORDER

border_movie_1A movie which is on  play list of every TV channel on 26th January and 15th august . A movie which observed  career best performances from Sunny Deol and Sunil Sheety . Some may say it’s a Indian Version of ” 300 ” , although the plot and heroic are real .

Woh kehte hai subah ka khana jaiselmer mein karange dopahar ka khana jodhpur mein karenge or raat ka khana delhi mein karenge lekin aaj hum unka naashta karenge ” 

” Subah ka Nasta JAISELMER ma hoga , Din ka khana JODHPUR ma , aur raat ka khanna DELHI ma “

” Mohabbat aur pagalpan ka bahut purana rishta hai ”

” Ya mitti Meri MAA hai”

Lead actors : Jackie Shroff, Sudesh Berry, Sunil Shetty  , Sunny Deol  ,  Akshay Khanna.

PLOT : Very few movies in Bollywood glorifies war and humanity on same note . Yes the theme of the movie was to pay Tribute to WAR HERO’s of 1971 Indo-Pak fight with focus on epic battle happened at Longewala Post in Rajasthan where 120 Indian Soldiers denied victory  and defend their post overnight  against enemy battalion consisting of  2000 + Soldiers , Tanks and Artillery . Next day Airforce comes to their support and drive back enemy marking a historic victory .

Performance :   Marvelous  , right from dialogue delivery to facial expression to voice pitch was in perfect synchronization .Be it inner personal drama  of war bound soldier and his family , to a commander motivating his subordinate , to shedding tears for opponent border-1997-movie-scenesoldier who is although a enemy but also a father / brother and is only following orders of his superiors with no personal reason to fight anyone. Sunny deol leads the role and the movie with his ” Dhai kilo ka performance and dialogues ” , Sunil shetty gives his career best and even akshay khanna and supporting cast make you stand and clap on multiple occasion .

Music : Entire Playlist suits the story-line perfectly and goes with the flow .although few are longer playtime than 9 minutes but we actually end humming them every time it plays . ” Sandesha aate ha ” was trending No. 1 on music charts for long long time and Javed Akhtar sahib rate this one in his lifetime best lyrics Background score of ” Hindustan , Hindustan ” touches the core of emotions last song specially gives a well balanced end to the movie with a message to stop fighting and save humanity  .  Sonu Nigam, Sunali Rathod, Shankar Mahadevan have given voice to the poetic rhythm of Akhtar sahib .

Direction and Cinematography : I think every viewer of this movie must definitely have left cinema hall /multiplex with his head high in Proud ad heart filled with love for mother India . This itself demonstrate the level of effort put by JP Dutta sahib.

Overall Rating : 4.5 /5

{ I really wish to give 5/5 this one because as a movie I was glued to my couch from first scene till credit start rolling . But war movies although are adaption of  historical events still it stirs few emotions of revenge and hatred which better be kept untouched . So I reduced 0.5 score for personal reasons }

Just to share , I watched BORDER again last night and this takes the tally to 35 for this one .