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Movie carnival for kids this summer .

Summers are here and so does the  vacation of kids . Courtesy Sun God , Parents and kids have no option but to remain indoor from 9 am – 6 pm at least , till the temperature drops . So handling your Jumping Jacks  who are unable to sit idle for a moment and make your day  their vacations sounds hell of a time for you .

So to  resolve this conflict , “& pictures”  have come up with a ” KIDS carnival ” Campaign running from 9th May – 13th May daily at 12 noon. So to digest your breakfast before lunch , you can switch ON your TV , set up & Pictures and keep the remote away for next 3 hours .

Yes , Parents do try to keep kids away from TV and specially don’t want them watching those 18+ Movies and ask all unusual questions 🙂 . But the line-up of this Carnival will even make parents wish to keep their task aside and join the Kids in the Fun , adventure , thriller , World class animation and Life learning Movies .

Get aboard the &pictures ‘Kiddies Express that will present the following five movies that will transport your kids into a land of imagination:-

No more suspense , the Schedule will be :

pic 1.jpg


  • So Monday blues will be taken care by  ” KUNG FU PANDA ” – in which  THE AWESOME PANDA with his furious five will take you on the hilarous journey of becoming Dragon warrior with Turtle OOgay delivering the real world inspiration to set aside setback and keep moving .

”  Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”  is surely what                            every grandparents tell their children .

    • So if your kid is not motivated to visit a ZOO ..Madagascar will make him mad about animals and would surely be singing around ” I like to Move it , Move it ” for many weeks to come . Based on a journey of a Lion and his Friends from New York zoo to Madagascar , each character behaves like real life people and inspire child to respect them as living being . So it’s a fun package of Knowledge &  adventure and best way to introduce various animal to your kids .

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  • Based on friendship goals like determination, trust, respect, and acceptance Stuart Little 2 is one of the best family films of the summer.This visually impressive film provides wholesome entertainment for kids with Stuart enlightening us with some serious friendship goals like determination, trust, respect, and acceptance.
  • My all time favorite movie , which always tickles the right bone for many born in 80’s .  A timeless adventure film, Jumanji is about two kids who play a magical board game. While playing it, they release an adult trapped in the game. They encounter various dangers which will come to an end only when the game is completed.
  •  A crisp narrative and some truly amazing technical expertise combine to make Mr Go one of the best family films with big laughs, big emotion and even bigger thrills. Its engaging plot offers a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all ages. It is based on the classic 1980s comic ‘7th Baseball Club’, the titular character refers to a 285 kg circus gorilla who is the first to be recruited by a savvy baseball agent to join the professional Korean Baseball League What makes it a must-see film is that it makes you smile with its heartwarming, poignant and inspirational story.

    So from PANDA TO LION , RAT TO GORILLA , all of them are waiting for clock to strike 12 and set up a meeting with your kids and You too 🙂 .. So this summer TV will turn form  “Idiot BOX to  ” Ideal Box ” for all .

    Catch the ‘Kiddies Express’ from Monday, 9th May to Friday, 13th May daily at 12 noon only on &pictures!


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Movie Review …Contra 3 oops . Expendables 3

Running time : 126 Min

Director : Patrick Hughes

Date : 21 August 2014

Main cast : Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li and Many 50 + actors close to taking VRS

Premiere Tickets Courtesy : Sony Pix at PVR select City Walk 🙂



We as a generation grew up playing Contra which has a gun with unlimited powerup’s and ammunition , so we just guide him and he keep on killing more , more and more …

Expendables look just like it with a bit of emotion , pack up all actors on verge of retirement with bit of motivation speech and tech gadgets and who cares of story ?? .. So people looking logic , stay away but for action hungry geeks who’s Adrenalin pumps with sound of guns shots ” This is it ” .

Start with a rescue mission of Ex team member ( Wesley Snipes ) with amazing Train Sequence , followed by a encounter with Team co -founder turned arms dealer Conrad Stonebank who was supposed to be dead and as obvious stallone goes again to kill him with new bunch of kids with fancy gadgets which fails and he has to fall back to his old team to rescue and complete the mission .

Antonio Bandera aka Galgo keep the funny side up and Ronda Rousey aka Luna for a bit of glamour .

Last sequence seem perfect out of a video game where hero’s stuck in castle and villain’s pour in every side possible in every form i.e. tank , helicopter , bikes etc. etc etc with endless 30-40 min cross firing and stunts which ends with complete set going down in ashes on a bomb .. Watch out for a Bike stunt by Kellan Lutz with 360 turn in air which make you WOW .

Overall , go if you want to relive contra days or a die-hard fan of series .

Rating : 2.5 / 5