Dil hua Mexicana – Taco Bell , Delhi

 Location : Ground Floor Epicuria Food Court , Nehru Place Metro Station , Delhi .

Good food is a sure shot way to have a good life .. and i believe in this mantra ūüôā .

And this place shares the same vibes .. ¬†Conveniently located below ¬†metro station , this place is part of the gigantic food court ” EPICURIA ” , yet they have seperate portion carved out for themselves .

They serves authentic Mexican food ( Minus Tequilla & cigar ) and had introduced  interesting combos to suit as per  Indian food buds flavor .

We ordered multiple dishes including Pinto Beans Chalupa , Chocodilla , Loaded Nachoes and all of them delivered delight right till the last bite .

Sports bar type look with comfortable sitting and cool music playing in background , make it ideal to visit this place any time of the day .

Overall My thumps up for this place for good food and quick snacks .

Ratings :

Ambiance : 4/5 
Food Quality : 4.5/5
Serving size : 3.5/5
Value for Money : 3.5/5 ( May be the location justifies premium ) 
Serves : MEXICAN FOOD only 
kids special menu : Not available 
Overall : 4/5

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Thai Delight in GK 1 – BERCO’s

Situated right in middle of M Block market , GK 1 , This place is any time dine in for Chinese /Thai food lovers .

Located on first floor , they have sitting capacity of around 50-60 people . There is bit of space crunch if you have kids /infant with you . Staff is well trained and courteous , but the serving time is high .

We ordered following dishes :

1.) Virgin mojito – Served chilled and well prepared
2.) Honey chilli Baby corn
3.) Spring rolls
4.) Fried rice and Hakka noodles
5.) Thai green curry and planner chilli

Presentation was simple . Serving portion was appropriate .

Overall we liked the aroma of the food and they tasted very balanced in flavors .

They fall in mid price range and we 4 got a bill of overall 2.2k  .

Suggested prior reservation on weekends as the place is usually sold out during peak hours .

Ratings :
Location :3/5
Ambiance :3/5
Service :3/5
Taste :4/5
Hygiene :4/5
Kid friendly :2/5
Value for money :4/5

Overall 3.5/5

PS: Do try their peach apple ice tea and Thai green curry .

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Strengthen the Roots – Kids development at early stage !

Me and my  kid was walking across road , coming back to home when suddenly he pointed towards a tree and started talking :  

That tree is so so big ,¬†dad ” ¬†while making gestures .


download (1).jpg

Yes , Kid ”¬†
See , how high its branches has gone¬†, almost 50 feet tall ” .. ” If planted in our backyard, it would have covered our entire house with it’s shade ” ” It seems to be super strong , Just like WWE Superstar KHALI ¬†. ¬†It can easily ¬†force of at least 100 elephants like BAHUBALI¬†‚Ä̬†
Yes , my son¬†yes . You are completely right ¬† ”¬†
Few days after —-
It’s impossible … DAD , its impossible ” ..
” What happened ”¬†
Just come with me ¬†, while coming back¬†from school I saw a unbelievable thing ”¬†
” Ok , Ok … Let‚Äôs go “¬†
See , this is¬†I was talking about … This tree has fallen HEAD-ON¬†with his entire roots “” Can’t understand , How such a giant structure fallen overnight ¬†. ” Although there was a small hurricane last evening¬†¬†, but¬†¬†even much smaller saplings¬†in our backyard survived them easily ”¬†
‚ÄúLet‚Äôs see !!And we curisoly started looking around the fallen giant ¬†... ” If you carefully observe the roots , they are all dry and thin .” ” This shows , although the tree grew in age , but due to lack of nourishment at the roots may be¬†¬†during early years , it’s base¬†¬†never grew to being capable to support the growth ¬†” . ” And with growing years, branches keep on spreading out¬†¬†but there was never enough internal strength to support it. Probably , this caused the fall of this tree. ”¬†
Now I understand DAD , why we take extra care of saplings and keep an eye till it set its roots strongly to grow organically . Those pest control treatment, extra fertilizer, ¬†adding good worms is all for early years care which rips fruit forever ” .


This stands TRUE for us too , what we ignore at early stage comes back to haunt further in life and unfortunately there is no way to close this gap after certain years .
Being a father , I take keen interest and participate in ensuring my kids¬†¬†meal plan contains all essential nutrients ¬†.download.jpg I also request my fellow readers to ensure the same & avoid¬†feeding them even bytes of ¬†junk food . Because excuse like ¬†” Hey , they are strong and they can digest everything ” or ” It’s Ok , if he eats sometimes¬†¬†” is only going to putting toll on his body organs and impact the growth¬†¬†.
Check with your doctor on what will work best for your kid and prepare food intakes accordingly . ¬†We know all the neighbor ” Grand Ma’s ” ¬†bombard¬†¬†us with¬† plethora of food ideas but a double crosscheck will only going to help before making them part of kid’s meal .
So wake up and listen what your child’s health is saying about his diet ¬†and ensure they became¬†¬†fit and fine internally to survive any thunderstorm of life¬†.

Restro Review – Turquoise Cottage , Saket

Sunday lunch time and we checked in to ¬†this place for a buffet meal¬†¬†. Fortunately , we were ¬†looking for a place to relax &¬†eat in peace and this place has less than 20% occupancy ūüôā .

Mainly serving continental food , their menu had some great  options for veg/ non veg dishes to choose from . What we picked was :

  • Virgin Mojito – Drinks ( Not part of Buffet )
  • Dimsum & Burmese Soup ¬†– Starter
  • Pasta in white sauce – Appetizer
  • Veg Greens ,Thai curry and Vegetables in Black bean sauce – Mains
  • ¬†Rice and noodles – Staples.
  • ¬†Vanila Ice cream with honey crunch – Desert

Starters were served on table and mains were buffet .  Food was full of flavors , with Chef personally taking care of guest preferences  .

This place have a in Рhouse stage for Band performance and Live Cricket screening . They have  seperate smoking room .

Overall a good experience , with place being regularly visited by youth to chill out over snacks and rounds of Booze .And yes  , My kid enjoyed roaming around the place on its own .

Families can skip this place for nearby located Barbeque nation or Rajdhani or even Gulati¬†. For Bachelor’s and Party lovers , this name must be added to their list .

About Restro : This place is a part and parcel of Delhi’s Food history which is highlighted in their tagline ”¬†TC Original 1997 ” .

Serves : Continental , American , Italian

Average Cost  : INR 2000 for two pax

Must try : Virgin Mojito  , Chilli cottage cheese

Kid’s / Infant Menu : Not Available

High Chair for Kids : Not Available

Shhhh : Lookout for their  #AllDayLongHappyHours deals which usually runs on Tuesday and Thursday 

Ratings : 

  • Ambiance : 4/5
  • Food : 3.5 / 5
  • Service : 4/5
  • Value for money : 4/5
  • Overall : PICK¬†for Starters¬†and Drink . Miss for Full Course Meals .

DabbaGul – Delivering Home made food

Manoj Kumar once said ..Every human basic necessity¬† is ”¬†Roti Kapada Aur Makaan { Food , Cloth and Shelter } ¬†” ¬† and from thereon , ¬†this quote has been used for years by our politicians in their poll promises.

How funny it may sound but it’s a reality , Food always tops the¬†priority chart of¬†any human being ¬†and it¬†supersede all other¬†wishes and desires .

Many startup has been trying to capture this high potential¬†¬†market with¬†innovative offering . Although food aggregator are there which gives wide variety of option in meal and restro to choose from , but they are still ” MADE IN professional kitchen¬†¬†” and¬†misses the warmth and lightness of home cooked food .Specially home cooked simple and hygienic food is what people are on lookout for who are staying away from their loved ones . So when¬†Mumbai got their ” Dabba Wala’s ” , NCR has been lacking on such service .

DabbaGul is a startup which try to bridge the gap by providing home-cooked food on weekdays delivered at doorstep . They have pre-fixed menu everyday which prevent hassle of selecting  meals on daily basis . You can order you meal /Dabba everyday over App or Phone or can pre- book meals for longer duration for lunch or dinner or both . You can even choose time slot to receive your Dabba as per your preferred lunch hours .

I tried my hand and my stomach over one of their lunch menu ( Veg one )  .  The content of the Dabba  delivered to me has :

  • 4 units of¬†unleavened flatbread /¬†Chapati /Roti

  • 150 ml –¬†Seasonal veg¬†curry ¬†

  • 150 ml –¬† pulse /dal¬†

  • 50 gms Salad

  • 100 gms Steam Rice

*Quantity are close approximation based on size of the containers

Inside the Pandora box –¬†Well packed food

Packaging : Overall packed in Pizza delivery shaped box, it hold good the content inside without fear if spill of . Also after finishing meal , you can put back the empty container in this box which help in keeping your lunch place clean .

Outside Packaging . Reminds of Pizza Boxes

Quantity : With 4 units of Roti and box full of Rice is more than sufficient as meal for 1 . Even Curry and pulse were enough to finish the main course .

Dal and sabzi ūüôā
The Rice JAR

Taste :  Rice were well cooked , Rotis were soft and fresh . Dal has balance of spices and flavors as per north Indian taste . Curry has some extra oil which can be drained or reduce but it definitely tasted like one prepared keeping health and taste in mind .

Overall , it tasted like what was expected and though I really missed on ¬†a small portion of ” DESERT ” or Sweet to finish my meal on a HIGH NOTE . But may be everyone doesn’t have carving or have sweet tooth like me ūüôā

Although currently they are serving only in Limited parts of GURGAON but I¬†¬†surely wish to see them covering entire NCR region as Office goes /Students definitely need a organised home made food delivery system as an option to help them switch¬†from unhygienic street side food . Beacause as the¬†¬†DABBAGUL’s ¬†tagline rightly captures ¬†:

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†” HAPPINESS IS HOMEMADE “

Checkout more about them or to tryout your first meal at  :

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/DabbaGulIndia

Downaload the app : Google Play Store Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dabbagul


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Food Review – Chopsticks , Delhi

Location : The Village Restaurant Complex  , Near  Sirifort Auditorium , Khel Gaon Marg , Delhi 

Serves : Chinese &  Asian Cuisine

Cost : INR 2000 for 2 pax ,

Serves : Buffet in Lunch and Al -Carta in Dinner

Type : Fine Dine ( Serves Liquor)

Overall rating : 4 / 5

Parking : Free and Easily Available

They serve Buffet in Lunch and we also decide to hop on for some Saturday Brunch over the place .. Located conveniently offering ample parking space at any time of day .

Overall Spread was good with Predominately Chinese & Thai Cuisine .

Starter Р Burmese Soup , Tofu , Lotus stem ,  Sesame Toast , Spring Rolls in Veg option and all were served hot and were full of flavors .

Main Course had Manchurian , Noodles , Rice , Thai Veg in green curry and 2 more dishes , although Non – Veg spread was even bigger .

Desert :  Chocolate Mud is the best among all with Vanilla ice cream , Honey fries , Assorted Tart , Fruits , Cake and even SUSHI ( yes Sushi ) was served .

Shhhh : Sat/Sun Brunch has Unlimited Supply of Mock-tails with 3-4 option to choose from  .

Must Try : Mojito , Chocolate Mud
Overall Very casual Dine-in place frequently visited by Upper class Families & Business Professionals from nearby located office and you can sit back and enjoy your meal at your own pace .

Food Review : Natural Ice Cream Greater Kailash (GK) 2, New Delhi

The best in-house ice creams I’ve had in India. ¬†Yes there are your local favorites everywhere offering delicious chocolate fudge and sundaes like Gianni’s ¬†– but this is where you get the real deal. You don’t need sprinkles and chocolate sauce and nuts to just fall in love with their ice-creams. The natural fruit ice creams by themselves are heavenly. I am a chocolate person wherever I go, but at Naturals I go ¬†NATURALE too.. Their Anjeer, Sitaphal, Mango and Tender coconut flavors are mouth watering and leave you insatiable. Of course they have great chocolate ice-creams too, but fruit is what they excel in.

Not to forget , they also introdcued ” GAJAL KA HALWA ” flavor in winters …really ..YES ūüôā

Cost per scoop РINR 60-75 ( +10 for waffle Cone ) 
Tub of 500 Ml- INR 300 

Word of caution – Their Prices increases faster than our PM’s Popularity , so keep checking out for latest one .

Location : GK 2 , Cannaught Palace and many more across Delhi

Parking : Available

Home Delivery :Not available in Delhi

Website : http://www.naturalicecreams.in/

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