Mystery of Alien and Babloo-Dabloo

This time the “Trendsetter” Colgate of our family had indeed set the trend for a young mind just bubbled out of the egg! Yes, having a chirpy 2.5year old son gaining his creativity and an enthusiastic mind with Colgate magical creatures was a deadly combo to me.

Ever since he had been looking at the TVC’s of Colgate; he was eager to cook what was this upto, since it pictured kids and some curious characters. To me it sounded some “Curious case of Mr..Blah Blah” novel by Enid Blyton but to my kid it was a “Must pack” to be brought home.

And the after enough of bluffing and fooling him around(since I had already 4-5 Colgate packs in stock), a deadline was given to me. And then “Blogadda” came to my rescue, dispatching the “magical story boxes” right to my doorstep.


And then I was hanging with my little boy, who was curious to know every object from Comet to Alien, from Rocket to spaceship. Yes, I re-visited my “bachpan” with Colgate magical stories once again, when I solved the “Mystery of the Cunning Alien and Babloo-Dabloo” to save the planet earth.

So here goes the Story which I towed on my able shoulders of helping my baby save the mother earth!

There was a big storm, form of Tornado sweeping away the trees, with huge sandy blows. Houses were getting cracked, people were getting panicked and rushing for safety. News channels were quoting visibility of some “dangerous creatures” not from the Earth! Who were they and what were they upto?

They were being called as “Aliens”, they flew in thousands towards the earth, which brought the tornado sweeping away everything. The day those alien ships landed, the earth cracked and started drifting away. Humanity was in panic.

Suddenly, there emerged 2 superman from our team earth, who were small kids; Babloo and Dabloo, so true of their hearts, who wanted to face these aliens. Despite objections, they confronted the aliens only to find that they also were taken back to the space to get their mission possible. They sat in the Rocket and flew towards the space only to explore the beautiful galaxy. The Moon, the planets , Oh Venus, Jupiter, they crossed them all only to find that they landed on a very dusty and rocky structure which we called as “Mars” .

Their curious questions about the comet tails, the planets orbiting around the sun, separate moons of Planets, sharing their experiences on earth, left the aliens in a “Friendly match” with Babloo and Dabloo. Kids then asked them their mission of attacking earth and to their surprise, these aliens just wanted to live like humans on the earth. They wanted to understand what “Love” means. They wanted to know the importance of a “Family”. They themselves wanted to have the innocence of a  Kid and lead a life full of compassion and Unity.

They had attacked earth, to research the human behaviour and get back the findings to implement on their planet. And it was so wonderful, these kids got those emotions alive in them.

They were really happy to understand the world of Love and immediately began to send the kids back to earth via luxurious spaceship with some lovely souvenirs for people of earth. 


So the story had the Moral value for my kid, he understood the reality of the world wherein “Humanity & Love” works. He confronted that the world can be won not by attacks and revolts but by peaceful discussions and understandings. And yes definitely, he has outgrown his age kids when it comes to “Astronomy for Kids”.


Thank you #Colgate for helping us create #colgatemagicalstories for the little munchkin!

I am blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate .

Food Review – Chopsticks , Delhi

Location : The Village Restaurant Complex  , Near  Sirifort Auditorium , Khel Gaon Marg , Delhi  Serves : Chinese &  Asian Cuisine Cost : INR 2000 for 2 pax , Serves : Buffet in Lunch and Al -C…

Source: Food Review – Chopsticks , Delhi

And it’s no more a legal tender.

The moment when entire nation felt the earthquake tremors at once. It was 8 PM on 8th Nov 2016, when PM decide to be the epicenter of this Man made earthquake “ #Demonetisation .

Probably this Dialogue from Heath Ledger from “The Dark Knight “suits the situation:

 “Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I’m an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair!

It took a while for people to understand, how this announcement has pulleddemonetisation the rug under their feet. While Deciding the fate of 500 /1000 Currency note ,
Modi ji has modified the destiny of 1.3 billion citizens  for good or for bad.  Suddenly Crisis in Samajwadi party , Pak actor in Bollywood , Firing incident at Border , Fleeing of Vijay Mallya and even India cricket series with England became last page topics .

16 days has passed since then and world is still wondering what will be the real impact of this decision going to be. Although Majority agrees that idea is bang on and it can meet the purpose, which was to eradicate black money and remove fake currency from the market. But, mode of implementation remains questionable. The way it created panic for common people and made them stand in queue for their own money shows lack of planning and overestimating capacity of Indian banking system.

May be metro cities are coming back on tracks pretty soon , but Real scenario can be observed in far flung areas where penetration of financial institution is minimal and downloadpeople are struggling to deposit /withdraw their own money.
With daily new notification coming up from Central Authorities, there is a chaos even among Bankers and Govt .officials that are responsible for implementation.  It takes almost 3-4 days for the communication to pass on to the lowest level.  Overall, the waiting time is increasing and the patience is gradually running low.

As our Honorable PM has said, he needs 50 of support days to show benefits of this idea. We know, Global media is closely observing this event and no matters what happen, it’s going down in history as biggest gamble ever played.

We really pray, the benefits starts showing soon and this Mahabharat has a happy ending. Else, it will take years for economy to recover and may result in millions lose their livelihood and life. In the process, NDA may even lose their credentials,  impacting  results of key elections in upcoming years  .or establish Mr. Modi  , as the magician which can turn any issue  into political gold .

On a lighter note ,  Shri Shri Rishi Kapoor has already predicted the Tsunami and warned the world way back in 1980 . You don’t believe me ??? Then listen to this on :

The Curious Case of Super popularity of “ HAIKU”

Everyone have feelings and its magical when they  express it in any form and share with the world to feel the vibes . It can be pictures or words or videos or GIF or combination of few or all of them .

HAIKU is  such a beautiful form of reciting poem in form of giving words to images.

It’s technical definition goes as “A traditional Japanese haiku is a three-line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count. “

images (1).jpg

Or “”Haiku” is a traditional form of Japanese poetry which consist of 3 lines. The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllable & the best part is that the lines rarely rhyme.”



Recently, I have seen a surge across blogs coming up with “HAIKU “as many as 4-5 per day . In the world , where to keep blog “ ALIVE “ and  fight for “ ALEXA “ & “MOZ RANK “ people have found a shortcut in Haiku . So  4 lines, not even complete and one Random picture (like click any bird flying from your window) makes a  quick fix post to be published.

So people who were busy posting “PRODUCT reviews “ of Lipstick or hair gel or  “Sabji masala ” have learnt the art of “ HAIKU “ overnight and their blog readers are all expert Critics of this art which gets reflected in the form of comments   like “ Amazing “ “ Beautiful “ ,” Magical “ “ Lively “ and 40-50 more such adjectives . They are in real fits in definition of  “Friends with benefits “ , which goes like “you stretch my back and I sketch yours “ … So in Blogging terms it goes like … “ You comment and like on my post and I Reciprocate “ .

I know it will sound rude to some and cruel to many, but that’s the reality. Without working on basics and getting the format right   , everything is named under “HAIKU “because no one is going to object to it and real critics rarely go and read such post.

I know this post is going to change nothing, still felt to share with hope .  Hope, that fellow bloggers genuinely go back to basic where “Blogging “ means ” Expressing “ .  Expressing how you feel , think and wish things should be .. Rather than mad chase of pushing on number of post / day and doing anything for sake of it.


download (2).jpg

In short  “Stop Faking & Be Original.”

And yes, even though most of them are not Haiku “Technically “, few of them are beautifully written POEM’s. Like a well defined caption to a random image.

Waiting for fellow bloggers and readers to share opinions on the same

Strengthening Roots – Enhancing growth in kids

” Hey your kid looks weak , is he suffering from any kind of disease ? “

No , he is all good  , just his weight never increases .  I have tried various combination of food including diff. home remedies but he is wafer thin since birth ” 

” How old is he ? ” 

”  He is already 6 years old and yet his weight is only 16 Kg ” 

” Have you consulted any doctor for this ? ” 

” No ,  My parents and in-laws says it is common phenomenon , some suffer with height issue and other with weight . But over period of time, it improves and everything will be fine, they even ask me to remain worry free and don’t exert over this issue” 

” I would really wish it happens , your kid is very bright and intelligent  and nothing should hold him back to achieve the best ” .

This is a classic conversation; every mother goes through in early phase of their kids.  As Parents are considered responsible for tip to toe of their kids, every Mother thinks her kids should remain at top of his health. …Forever.

Then there are few of our traditional relatives  who always raise doubts about   way of parenting and the Typical Sarcasm  is  ” Kuch Khilate nahi ho kya isko , bahut patla ho gaya ha ” { Don’t you feed him any food , he is getting thin day by day } and rest of them gives false assurance just to calm the situation ” Apne aap ho jayenga , Mera Chintu bhi bachpan ma itna chota sa lagta tha , par a dekho ” { it happens with time , even my kid used to look way small than his age but he recovered ” .

Yes , both of the statements are true . Some do improve over time and gets fits into the definition of being “Health “. But the issue is, in this age of competition, do we really want to take chances with such important phase of our little ones   . With Globalization, they are forced to compete beyond borders of their classroom both on & off the field.  Healthy body and fit mind help them concentrate, learn and grow at par with their friends. Their Energy level must always be kept at top level so they never feel drained out while exploring the world.

Generally, the way to measure fitness comes with a ratio of kid’s age, weight and his height. There are multiple calculators online which can help us monitor if the numbers matches with generally acceptable benchmarks or not.  In case, we can seek advice of specialist help to provide additional supplement.  FMCG and Pharma companies have been coming up with innovative products to fill up this need. These come in powder form which is either milk or water dis-solvable, making it easy to feed them to younger ones . These Nutrients overcame the deficiency of Protein  and vitamin  which helps in catching up on growth . One such product is Horlicks Growth + from house of GSK  which has clinically proven reports to naturally enhance growth .

Humans are like trees and kids are like saplings, all they need is good food, water, sun light and people who care for them. And if provided in right mix from early stage, fruits in form of success and performance can be seen forever.




Movie carnival for kids this summer .

Summers are here and so does the  vacation of kids . Courtesy Sun God , Parents and kids have no option but to remain indoor from 9 am – 6 pm at least , till the temperature drops . So handling your Jumping Jacks  who are unable to sit idle for a moment and make your day  their vacations sounds hell of a time for you .

So to  resolve this conflict , “& pictures”  have come up with a ” KIDS carnival ” Campaign running from 9th May – 13th May daily at 12 noon. So to digest your breakfast before lunch , you can switch ON your TV , set up & Pictures and keep the remote away for next 3 hours .

Yes , Parents do try to keep kids away from TV and specially don’t want them watching those 18+ Movies and ask all unusual questions 🙂 . But the line-up of this Carnival will even make parents wish to keep their task aside and join the Kids in the Fun , adventure , thriller , World class animation and Life learning Movies .

Get aboard the &pictures ‘Kiddies Express that will present the following five movies that will transport your kids into a land of imagination:-

No more suspense , the Schedule will be :

pic 1.jpg


  • So Monday blues will be taken care by  ” KUNG FU PANDA ” – in which  THE AWESOME PANDA with his furious five will take you on the hilarous journey of becoming Dragon warrior with Turtle OOgay delivering the real world inspiration to set aside setback and keep moving .

”  Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”  is surely what                            every grandparents tell their children .

    • So if your kid is not motivated to visit a ZOO ..Madagascar will make him mad about animals and would surely be singing around ” I like to Move it , Move it ” for many weeks to come . Based on a journey of a Lion and his Friends from New York zoo to Madagascar , each character behaves like real life people and inspire child to respect them as living being . So it’s a fun package of Knowledge &  adventure and best way to introduce various animal to your kids .

download (2)

  • Based on friendship goals like determination, trust, respect, and acceptance Stuart Little 2 is one of the best family films of the summer.This visually impressive film provides wholesome entertainment for kids with Stuart enlightening us with some serious friendship goals like determination, trust, respect, and acceptance.
  • My all time favorite movie , which always tickles the right bone for many born in 80’s .  A timeless adventure film, Jumanji is about two kids who play a magical board game. While playing it, they release an adult trapped in the game. They encounter various dangers which will come to an end only when the game is completed.
  •  A crisp narrative and some truly amazing technical expertise combine to make Mr Go one of the best family films with big laughs, big emotion and even bigger thrills. Its engaging plot offers a thoroughly enjoyable experience for all ages. It is based on the classic 1980s comic ‘7th Baseball Club’, the titular character refers to a 285 kg circus gorilla who is the first to be recruited by a savvy baseball agent to join the professional Korean Baseball League What makes it a must-see film is that it makes you smile with its heartwarming, poignant and inspirational story.

    So from PANDA TO LION , RAT TO GORILLA , all of them are waiting for clock to strike 12 and set up a meeting with your kids and You too 🙂 .. So this summer TV will turn form  “Idiot BOX to  ” Ideal Box ” for all .

    Catch the ‘Kiddies Express’ from Monday, 9th May to Friday, 13th May daily at 12 noon only on &pictures!


    download (1).jpg


Benchmark Price for Grid Connected Solar Project 2016-17 : CERC

Finally CERC ( Central Electricity Regulatory Authority) has published   Benchmark Capital cost for Solar PV and Thermal Project for Year 2016- 17.  Interesting to see that Solar  thermal project cost has been kept at INR 12 Crore / MW , but for Project using PV Technology   has been notified at lower end of  INR 5.30 Crore / MW with a significant percentage drop observed across component including Civil Works , Module Mounting Structure & PCU . Even with Scaling up  of project size ,  Evacuation cost per MW is estimated to decrease significantly .

In 1 year , Capital Cost has been reduced by  12% from last year INR 605.85 Lakh/ MW  .

When draft was uploaded on CERC website to invite comments from industry players . Most of  EPC/IPP and even state nodal agencies have raised observations  on   :

  • Forex Exchange rate
  • Modules Rate
  • Separate capital cost for Domestic  and Imported Modules
  • Inverter Replacement cost .
  • Transmission Line cost
  • Land Cost ( vary from 2 Lakh/acre to 25 lakh/acre based on Project Site )

But CERC have used data from MERCOM Capital Report and recently concluded  Central /State Govt Bidding result to arrive on the Benchmark Price  .

From a Layman prospective , this seems good and fair as it shows optimism  for future price reduction and increasing feasibility of project .

As  the saying goes , ” Lets put the sunny side up and with sun god on our side , hope to achieve 100 GW by 2022   ” .


The copy of order uploaded on CERC website can be found at below mentioned link :