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Need of Air Purifier!

Do we need AIR Purifier’s?

Every now and then we hear that “Delhi” is the most polluted cities of the world. A recent study published in Journal -Lancet has quoted that “Country’s air is turning more toxic by the day”, with Air pollution killing 2 people in India every minute .


Its so frequent to read that PM2.5 levels in Delhi are 10-15times higher than what WHO has prescribed (>120micrograms/cubic metre)

! Approx. 18000 people die every day due to immense Air pollution

! >80% people are exposed to high Air pollution levels

! It all is leading to more and more people getting prone to Pneumonia, respiratory problems, Lung cancers, Heart problems, Pulmonary disorders

! Every breath we take is a killer breath, be it breathing in the garden for the sake of jogging & walking

Isn’t all this scary? Further its not just an Outdoor pollution, it has come to notice that Indoor air pollution (being termed as Silent Killer)is  a major health problem for close to 3 billion people globally . Leave globally, we can’t even ask to keep homes properly ventilated due to the amount of toxic air outside the homes.

So what leaves us with the measure?

Let me share you my own example living in Delhi & having a 2year old kid. In Oct he had severe chest congestion which was not being recovered even after multiple strong doses for kids leaving the doctor frustrated.  With immense discussion, my doctor suggested me to leave Delhi for next 15-20 days & move out in Hills or small town just to breathe fresh air. Well that might sound funny or crazy, but this instance can measure the intensity of the problem with kids who are being brought up in tis environment . Yes, we did not go to the hills due to other commitments but then we made a choice of getting an “Air purifier” installed at our place .

With the single reason, at least we get chance to breathe pure air for 8-10 hours daily, leave aside any immunity factor.

So let me just brief you as to how Air Purifiers actually works:

The air inside the homes is more dirtier and can be house of many air contaminants. Moistures can lead to spores formation , even cooling systems circulate dust & bacteria’s. Entry of pollens can easily make one allergic.

Most commonly Air purifiers use fine filters that filters various particles, big & small circulating in the air. This filter basically exchanges the air using a fan to draw air via purifier. The dust & particles remain on the filters of purifier & pure air circulates in the room. Hence it is suggested that finer the filter is, better the functionality . HEPA Air filters are one of the kind which are made from tiny glass fibers which have immense protection from these air pollutants usually above 0.3 Microns. More the air passes in filters, cleaner will it become.

Now the question comes to selection?

Well we believed in “Pureit from HUL” which removes 99% of 6 widest range of pollutants in just 1hr-

  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Dust (like airborne micro-dust)
  • Particulate Matter (like PM 2.5 and PM 10)
  • Air Borne Bacteria (similar to Tuberculosis and Conjunctivitis)
  • Air Borne Virus (similar to H1N1 and Influenza)
  • Allergens (Pollen, Mold Spores, Dust Mites and Pet Dander)

It also comes with World’s First Refresh display, which refreshes your room air every 13 mins and shows you how many refreshes have happened since the purifier has started working.

It also has some unique features as :

  • Air Quality Indicator -detecting the pollutants & displaying every 2sec
  • It comes with 3 different fan speed
  • Have no-noise sleep- Using Night mode
  • Low Power consumption -as low as a ceiling fan.

Why we feel that Pureit air Purifier is one of the Best in Market ?

  • It is the only Air Purifier certified for a measurable efficiency of 99% removal of 6 different pollutants in an hour.
  • Their devices have not originated in China, rather have been designed in world class standards in Korea.
  • It runs Asia’s first Air Lab, which is the only lab in Asia that can test Virus removal.
  • It is a known brand in Water purification, making about 1 million water purifiers in India alone every year and is the world’s largest Water Purifier Brand.

Let’s join Pureit in their awareness campaign towards Air Pollution in Delhi & help ourselves lead a pure and healthy life!


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