Fight the invisible enemy – Pollution

We are living in a Jungle made of Steel and concrete . Yes , that how a modern metro city can be defined . With growing Population due to  large volume of people moving towards Metro city for Job opportunities , their is a Hugh spurge in Skyscrapers  buildings for residential and commercial purposes . As per Sqft Prices are going up , the average size of a flat is reducing , no. of floors on a tower is increasing and many of the parks , garden have been legally/illegally encroached to turn them into profitable business means .

Rapid Form of Urbanization .. Buildings growing taller then EGO/ANGER of their resiednts
Rapid Form of Urbanization .. Buildings growing taller then EGO/ANGER of their resiednts

One of my childhood friend ( Ashish Kalra ) lives in a Greater Noida in a  residential complex  made by prominent Builder with 5 towers located closeby with a occupancy of almost 5000 persons . Being a prime city location , there are 18- 20 more complex located in vicinity . So a nearby park is 4-5 km away from his house .Although , as per govt rules and to market these projects the builders shows lush green parks and jogging tracks in their sales brochure but in reality most of these are converted into parking space for 2/4 Wheeler’s leaving no space for tress/garden for people to breathe in fresh air even at early morning hours . There are club houses for kids activities and RWA assembly but they are more sort of Big size AC containers .

To make up for lack of fresh air , modern solution  was providing AIR-PURIFIER in each home which can virtually make you feel safe . But me and my friend comes from a generation where we spend almost 50% of our time in our home town closed to nature , walking in woods , playing sports in green field and roaming around spotting flowers/fruits/vegetables and even taking short naps between tuition on the benchmark below shades of trees in park located everywhere in town few footsteps away .

Definitely  work compulsion have bounded to live closeby to office in these skyscrapers , but deep inside we missed those breeze of air and knew that without closeness to mother earth our kids immunity towards disease and the feel of freshness which unleash creative side of brain/mind would suffer as they grow old .

So almost after 6 months , During a meeting of RWA held to approve permission to open Restaurant on roof of all 7 towers helping them to  earn Roof Rent and fixed fees from franchise which would reduce AMC charges for all Flat owners . As the proposal was providing monetary benefit , everyone agreed to it . But ASHISH has a different thought in mind and asked 7 days to evaluate pro-cons and meet again . As the suggestion was coming from Ex-IIT , IIM passout  , Committee agreed to follow .

In Next Meeting , ASHISH Showed a Presentation on concept of ” TERRACE GARDEN ” , how the place which is currently dumped with waste building material , chillar units , Dish antenna and mobile tower can be converted into a perfect hangout place for everyone to chat / play / discuss and get close with nature .


How it can be a workshop on growing organic food . How can it reduce cooling requirement for the building . After this he introduced a Child Specialist who demonstrated how kids of the block are suffering from asthama and other disease due to lack of fresh air and how this rooftop garden can benefit them . For Housewife’s , Senior Citizen ad kids these place can be a meeting point close to nature . The IDEA got real appreciation from all of the residents and they applauded on the thought process of Ashish which goes way beyond commercial sense and instantly brought real happiness on face of all . images (1)

Everyone agreed to contribute in term of there skill set and profession for realizing the concept and agreed to form 5 CLUB HOUSES with names derived from  ” ELEMENTS OF EARTH ” . Every Saturday was en-marked for get-together and people avoiding past meeting as they felt jailed in those club house were first one to confirm .

And After 2 months of effort and work , a portion of dull steel – concrete jungle was replaced by ” GREEN SMILE ” . A view which instantly brought relief to resident’s eyesight and people who used to spend evening endlessly switching TV Channel and kids glued to Mobile games were all on the roof . Playing , Eating , Sharing ideas and watching the mother nature delivering its magic on plants .

images (2)

It shows , being progressive doesn’t mean you are confined by virtual walls know as Status .  Rather move out and be open for all as mother nature , who teaches us perfect lesson of humbleness which treat everyone and anyone as it’s kids without playing  favoritism .


Similarly Asian paints has come u with a new product , one which will help us fight the Indoor Pollution ..  Royale Atoms … It’s surely makes it more than a normal paint and help everyone keep their home SAFE from the dirtiest enemies ” Pollution


Gallerist – Marketplace for Original Artwork

“Painting is the silence of thought and the music of sight.”

― Orhan Pamuk, My Name is Red

We all like to decorate walls of our house with a masterpiece which make our home feel personalized and buying online is the way to go .  A perfect gift for any occasion and a classy form to convey your feelings .  Visiting art galleries is not cup of tea for everyone . Also , it’s difficult to connect with the artist and understanding the idea/theme behind it  if done in offline mode .

And the worst nightmare will be getting it vetted as original as  Market is full of fakes and it’s difficult to differentiate for a common men .

With Cars to tickets to vegetables are getting sold over click of mouse with promise of originality and peace of mind . Same concept has been adapted by art houses too .

Gallerist , is one of the amazing platform exploring this concept . It has a collection of more than 4,000 original paintings & drawings, created & exhibited by 1000 artists worldwide.


If you are looking for an original painting signed by an artist, is the right place to buy from. Paintings exhibited on Gallerist are by artists, who are verified by Gallerist team to assure you the right quality & price.

Some of the top artist featured on the site are :

  • Bijendra Pratap
  • Sankar Thakur
  • Girish Chandra Vidyaratna
  • & Many more

You can simply browse , select and order the paintings and rest will be taken care by Gallerist . Moving beyond , it give option to follow your favorite artist and his work .

The Website caters to all range of buyers from economic to top end .

In future , if the buyers wish to turn into artist and like to promote their own art work . This platform help in enabling the same too . It is working like one stop solution for all .

About the Founder : Founded in early 2014 by Mr. Ajay Anand . His  motive was to bring renowned and esteemed artists together along with  providing a platform for new entrants who aspire to make a mark in the art industry.

This website is must to be made a part of your bookmarks and mark under favourite category . Who knows , you may just find the perfect masterpiece which may inspire your senses .


Indi-Berger Paint meet experience

It has always been wonderful catching up interesting meets by IndiBlogger & there came up a great rejuvenation after approx 2years for me. Tussling between corporate life & a little kid, it was indeed a great breakthrough for me , to once again catch with with the Blogger community & this time it was all the more important due to its co-association with “Berger paints”.

We had been planning for our home makeover from past 10-15 days & this was a perfect time to understand as to what Berger Paints was upto.

The venue -Vivanta by Taj was indeed Vivacious and as always, the gesture of Indi team was full of warmth. Going by some digital times, we were provided  badges(with twitter handles) & various setups were done for photo bytes. Progressed post doing lunch, indeed a warm up activity was a must to ensure that ”sleep time as over” . Yes it was the start of Bonding time, to catch up old pals & new bloggers and understand about them with a group activity.

Welcoming Mr.Das from Berger paints, indeed gave a perfect professionalism in the way he took the presentation & Q&A’s. The concept of Berger paints came very new & Mr.Das is wholly responsible for “keeping the community engaged & liven up”:). Live running contests as “best Tweet/ Best Pic” kept all of us engaged all the more on social channels which stood out very well.

Best Pic

Let me take the opportunity to get my readers acknowledged as to why I firmed my decision on “Berger Paint” with their Berger Xp service for my home, Home sweet home.

It has been pain to me, thinking of employing traditional painter with that small sand card patch & brush to paint over.. Further, painting a house seems full of hassle for professionals like me who have to work daily for long hours.

I feared how my parents would manage that, since the home would turn into a cabin full of dust, mites. How would they handle covering & shifting furniture? Will they be able to cater to “n” no. of questions by the painter ? How will they manage for nearly a month in that environment?

All these questions as prompting me to delay my decision of getting the house painted. But, let me be very true with you all, this meet indeed changed my perception towards “House painting”.

  1. Its a known brand & name in India for many decades , with many awards & certifications to its credit.
  2. They have been innovative since the beginning wrt paints or services and that stands so true with their “Painting ka T20”, Berger express painting. Having trained many painters in their academy for professional training , they are just going better with expanding their Automated Home Painting Tools.
    1. More the automatisation, lesser the man hours required for painting – As claimed 40% faster than traditional painting.
    2. Professional painters to handle your house perfectly & give it a glittering touch.
    3. Forget that sand paper, they’ve come up with sanding machine (having dust free vacuum function), which goes more faster & works in a much cleaner way.
    4. Automated Multipurpose Mixer for Putty & texture mixing, again making mixing hassle free.
    5. Forget those small hand rollers, they’ve got Auto rollers to their portfolio. Adjustable with automatic paint pumping to give a better finish.
    6. High Pressure washer : With pressure regulator & nozzle adjustment ,it helps in hi-speed pressure wash.
    7. Airless paint sprayer : Supporting water based paint & primer , with uniform finish.


Aren’t that completely new to you? Let’s acknowledge that paint industry has evolved & with all these automatic machines to work, definitely painting a house turns into a pleasant experience.

Also the services are just a call /SMS away.

And let me share the best part.. All these benefits are at “NO ADDITIONAL COST”, yes that was what Mr. Das explained and came as icing on the cake to us.

After having this engrossing session, we were given some mysterious objects , hand gloves, masks, head cover..Nopes we weren’t going to operate someone;) we were given white boards & palm sized sand papers to ensure that the board goes smooth across all the sides. believe on me, it was a small board & 8 people dusting & brushing it! It was not at all easy , with so much dust engulfing, it did make us realise the importance of modern techniques.

Men at work

This activity did require a “Coffee Break” with some recordings of video bytes in the back. We were enjoying , it was an activity laden interesting session by Berger paint teams.

As another activity awaited us, having a sight recalled me of the young days when we used to hold brush & do water or oil colours on the paintings. Lol , it was always messy for me , really didn’t knew how it would turn out.

Started with the mixing of colours knowledge, “Themed” painting competition worked in good spirits with we canvassing “Delhi Meri jaan”, what ever may happen, “We love Delhi” & here comes the painting our team worked out! Needs appreciation indeed.

I Love Dilli


It all worked in great team work, although we could not win, but then it was highly enjoyable perfecting the caption which Berger paints wanted to cascade “ Turn painting into happy experience” .

Have a look at their T20 of painting advert

Photowalk – Golden Temple , Amritsar

Second Stop on our Amritsar trip after Jallianwala Bagh  was heart of the CITY  – GOLDEN TEMPLE  .( Swaran Mandir )

The serenity of the place can be felt with first step inside the dorm . We can spend hours sitting in the vicinity of this place and may find some inner peace too .The charm of this place made us to visit 2 times in 2 consecutive days   to watch it’s glory in NIGHT and DAY MODE.

This place also runs a Community Kitchen know as ” GURU KA LANGER ” which is free for all and is entirely run by Volunteers ( Sevadars ) and there was no dearth of them even in  freezing cold winters .

Other than this , they have a library and hostel where you can stay for FREE in dormitory style on first come first serve basis . Across the day Sikh Prayer ” Ik Onkaar ” can be listened from any part of the temple .

Interestingly , Inside the pond surrounding the main dorm , we spotted many golden colored fish ( Check pictures ) and don’t knew it was a pure coincidence or they have been placed .

Overall , the place is very well managed and would surely make you to revisit .

Sharing with you our memories of the trip in form of pictures which may inspire you too.


Side View
Even Extreme temp doesn’t bother the faith of Devote’s
Day Mode ON
Inside the Langar !!
Innovative way to serve water
Volunteers in Kitchen
Spot the Other GOLD – fish

Take you PET along – CollarFolk

Travelling with pets in India is a relatively new concept, it being possible mostly if you have your own accommodation up the hills or down the coast. Today, we are only just exploring the idea..  A Pet friendly holiday in India is now an absolute reality and something that is becoming incredibly easy to plan.

CollarFolk started by Rukmini Vaish are  facilitators of the ideal vacation – one where pet parents can take the entire family, including their beloved pet! With a comprehensive list of pet-friendly resorts, hotels and home-stays to choose from, and all the guides and information for a stress free pet vacation.

Like every other pet parent, Rukmini  faced this dilemma when planning a holiday, “where will I leave Kiki?” This got her researching properties that welcome pets and to her surprise there were quite a few. A couple of vacations with Kiki and she knew that every pet family would love this! Voila – CollarFolk was born. (watch footage from some of these holidays in our video, the adventures of Kiki

Properties listed on the website are verified and checked for suitability  including: management and staff’s pet friendliness, open space in property, availability of pet food, vet on call, add on services for pet families such as availability of a pet sitter, access to common areas for the pet, pet friendly pool to carpeting or carpet free rooms. They also integrate travel, by providing pet friendly transportation for the holiday.

In addition, CollarFolk also provides pet taxi services in Delhi NCR. Co-operative and pet-friendly drivers, hygienic, well equipped cars with pet hammocks and back seat barriers, spacious interiors and reliable and convenient service are what makes their vehicles truly pet friendly.
CollarFolk loves happy customers, even more so happy tails!


Happiness : Reason for good morning !

I was wandering and brain storming, what title will go well with theme of this post  … a post which defines my moments/memories/action that results in any emotion changing into a broad smile. Smile , no matter how short it last on my face but recharges every grey cell of body to move ahead without considering the issue surrounding me .


So after internal brainstorming for hours with few titles popping up as ” Other side of sadness ” ” What make me smile ” ” How to recharge gold plated Heart ” ” From darkness to Brightness ” ……. few  headers were worth considering but the perfect one was what I am going to write about  ” Happiness ” , Many scholars said it’s a state of mind and last for few seconds –  minutes and the reason behind it keeps on changing not only from individual but also for same individual with change in culture/Emotions/Surroundings/Stage of life . So If you spot a lion during jungle safari travelling can give moments of happiness and make the entire trip worthwhile, it can turn out to be nightmare if you are travelling alone in night on a abandon road and you hear a ROAR…

Rather than diverting too much from topic, this post is going to be a part of my life where i would be collecting all things which bring happiness in my life and a parabolic curve on my face between chin and nose portion. Some of them are Spontaneous , came as surprise package in day to day life and some which I always look forward to in case I really need to cheer up and feel that life on earth is worth all the efforts , some of those best kept hidden tricks are :

  • Slideshow of Pictures: Pictures Speaks thousand times better than words and when they are of your loved & treasured one even facial expression tell hundreds of stories and emotion’s. So whenever my phone/tab/laptop start playing the slide show of dear one’s it takes back my mind to memory lane of good times shared with chosen one .
  • Books : Few Author’s pen down magical world in few pages that no matter how many times we read them , we always feel it’s the ideal life we want to live … Someone has rightly said that books are Human’s best friend  and I prefer hard bound versions
  • Travel: Although Professional Obligation require me to life in a city bursting with traffic and people, but at slightest chance of free time and I slip away to travel and explore the world. This gives a chance to interact with strangers, visit unexplored places and appreciate artistic part of God.
  • Volunteering for Social Cause: There is one life and within this we try to achieve Infinite things. Within this mad race, if our deeds help to bring smile of some unprivileged part of society then the reward is happiness and satisfaction. This feeling is best in world and cannot be described in words.

These are few of the idea’s which always bring HAPPINESS part back in my life … The Reason which make everyday morning a GOLD MORNING and a day to look forward to . Refreshing start to a day with Smile on the face in the morning is a symbol of life well spend in days went by.

Colgate Brought another reason with a new product which treat you as a KING 🙂 ..  A Recently launched Toothbrush whose details will make you buy it instantly. Check out the Product at #Colgate360GoldMornings. Because everyone deserve to turn their ordinary morning to Gold Morning!!


Winter’s & Gajar ka Halwa

Visit to a  vegetable market in Nov- Dec and first spotting of Carrot ignites mind with two images  ” Blankets  ” & ” Gajar ka Halwa ” .  Yes, winters are incomplete till time we consume at least 3-4 kg of Halwa till the season permits .  Visiting Grandparents home , Fighting inside blankets , sleeping till 10 am and starting day with bowl full of halwa served hot are most cherished childhood memories for many of us .

The desert serves the purpose of delivering Milk , Carrot , Dry fruits , Saffron in easy way liked by people of all ages .


Although like Majority of Indian Men’s staying away from Cooking which is traditionally considered a forte of Women’s , even i am counted in those pampered kids who used to kept away from kitchen and made to enjoy food sitting on other side of table . But , My love for food and curiosity forced MOM to let share recipe and learn how to make quick Snacks and deserts . The first one was Maggie and second was ” Gajar ka Halwa ”

Surely anyone reading the post must be knowing  , how to make those 2 minute noodles . So i am sharing the recipe of  , ” GAJAR ka HALWA ”  as ” WINTER’s ARE COMING ” and this dish will surely get you title’s of   ” LORD OF SEVEN KINGDOM ” and ” Protector of the Realm.” with a real chance for the ” IRON THRONE” 🙂

Prep Time : 20 Min ,

Cooking time :  1 Hr ,

Serves : 3-4 people ( Can reduce to 1 if you are serving to foodie like me )

Ingredient : IMG_20151130_041130

100 gm-  MAWA / KHOYA/ Condensed Milk

5 serve spoon  – Sugar Free NATURA

1/2  litre-Milk

2 tbsp- Desi Ghee

1/2 kg-Carrots Grated

20gm -Kaju (Cashewnuts) chopped

20 gm- Kishmish (Raisins)

2-3 Flake’s – Saffron

1/4 tbsp – Elaichi (Cardamom Green ) powder

Cooking Instructions :

1.) Firstly , Mix Saffron Flake’s with tbsp of Milk in a small bowl and keep it aside .

2.) Take a deep pan ,add Milk , Grated carrot  and boil it on low flame and stir occasionally till the milk start drying up . (Approx 30-35 Min)

3.) Pour the bowl with saffron ,  a  Mawa , Sugar Free Natura to the pan together and continue cooking till  entire milk dries up  completely  (Approx 15 min) .

4.) Add Ghee and cook for another 5-7 min .

5.) Halwa is Ready .

6.)  Garnish it with kaju , kishmish , elaichi  and serve  HOT  .IMG_20151129_222554

{ Additional tips : 
1.) To reduce cooking time , you may use Pressure  cooker instead of deep fry pan but it may affect taste a bit.
2.) Use Sugar Free NATURA instead of Regular sugar which guarantees the sweetness of sugar without the calories equally good for Diabetic and diet conscious people  .}

This dish can be preserved for 3-4 days and may add a small amount of hot milk if it thickness over period of time .

Statuary warning : Guest may  get addicted to this dish and it may result in increased frequency of their visit and the flavors of freshly cooked halwa may induce envy in your neighborhood 🙂