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Day out in Rome!

Just a though ran my mind on busy working Tuesday.. Rome was not built in a day.. Why not let me walk through it in a day ..I tapped on to see Euro to INR conversion , it was little lower than last week , & expected to go low in next 2 days as well, Foreign exchange was just the next  building to office, the month & the weather was perfect ,  Mom was happy with my child about to turn 2 in next one month, Travel site was offering discounts! What else? I just rushed & planned for10 day Italy trip, a trip to admire the art designed by the greatest artists, to fall in love with the culture & praise the lovely people out there!

So keep your eye glued to visit: 5 Best Places in Rome in a day:

  1. Vatican Museums :

Well that’s a complete “Not to miss” start, book your audio guide online & enter them skipping the queues outside. With the complete museums & gallery stretched along 7Kms, one has to be selective to preserve the energy for the last of the magnificent stretch opening into “Sistine Chapel”. Vatican houses all time greatest art be it Modern paintings or Egyptian mummies or Etruscan bronzes or frescoed rooms, all due to the great artists as Michelangelo & Raphael.

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  1. St.Peter’s Basilica :

Within the Vatican City, lies the Dome of Basilica, a brilliant piece of renaissance architecture, which has been collectively designed by all time great artists as Michelangelo, Gian Lorenzo, Carlo & Donato (for more than 100 years) making it  “One of the largest churches in the world”.

Bordered with Rich history it is a lovely place to be at & can be covered in a single visit to Vatican.

2. Colosseum :

One of the most admired “Amphitheatre” across the world, although some part of it has converted into ruins, but this structure along with rich history is a big charm of Rome.

It was basically home to entertainment for the public with the display of exotic animals, there used to be game fights between animals & slaves or criminals or prisoners. The original building was marble clad with 160 huge statues of over 160ft.  It could accommodate approx. 55k spectators with 4 floor seating space.


3. Spanish Steps :

Just besides the Triangular square: Piazza Di Spagna, lies a French Church on the top of hill, which can be easily forayed upon the long stairs referred as “Spanish Steps”. A day visit can ensure you to walk on the stairs & visit the glimpse , but this is place attracts lot of tourists, so for a serene view one can also see the lightening glimpse when the night falls. Along the complete way numerous gelatine shops are there to hold on to the amazing flavours of famous ice-creams.

4. Trevi Fountain :

When the night falls, with the surrounding lights this place has an amazing aura it radiates.

One of the most beautiful fountain ever seen, full of huge crowd , still it demands an ample time from your itinerary . It also reflects s perfect example of “Monumental Baroque”.


So now just Pack your bags & plan for an enticing trip to Italy.