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Indi-Berger Paint meet experience

It has always been wonderful catching up interesting meets by IndiBlogger & there came up a great rejuvenation after approx 2years for me. Tussling between corporate life & a little kid, it was indeed a great breakthrough for me , to once again catch with with the Blogger community & this time it was all the more important due to its co-association with “Berger paints”.

We had been planning for our home makeover from past 10-15 days & this was a perfect time to understand as to what Berger Paints was upto.

The venue -Vivanta by Taj was indeed Vivacious and as always, the gesture of Indi team was full of warmth. Going by some digital times, we were provided  badges(with twitter handles) & various setups were done for photo bytes. Progressed post doing lunch, indeed a warm up activity was a must to ensure that ”sleep time as over” . Yes it was the start of Bonding time, to catch up old pals & new bloggers and understand about them with a group activity.

Welcoming Mr.Das from Berger paints, indeed gave a perfect professionalism in the way he took the presentation & Q&A’s. The concept of Berger paints came very new & Mr.Das is wholly responsible for “keeping the community engaged & liven up”:). Live running contests as “best Tweet/ Best Pic” kept all of us engaged all the more on social channels which stood out very well.


Best Pic

Let me take the opportunity to get my readers acknowledged as to why I firmed my decision on “Berger Paint” with their Berger Xp service for my home, Home sweet home.

It has been pain to me, thinking of employing traditional painter with that small sand card patch & brush to paint over.. Further, painting a house seems full of hassle for professionals like me who have to work daily for long hours.

I feared how my parents would manage that, since the home would turn into a cabin full of dust, mites. How would they handle covering & shifting furniture? Will they be able to cater to “n” no. of questions by the painter ? How will they manage for nearly a month in that environment?

All these questions as prompting me to delay my decision of getting the house painted. But, let me be very true with you all, this meet indeed changed my perception towards “House painting”.

  1. Its a known brand & name in India for many decades , with many awards & certifications to its credit.
  2. They have been innovative since the beginning wrt paints or services and that stands so true with their “Painting ka T20”, Berger express painting. Having trained many painters in their academy for professional training , they are just going better with expanding their Automated Home Painting Tools.
    1. More the automatisation, lesser the man hours required for painting – As claimed 40% faster than traditional painting.
    2. Professional painters to handle your house perfectly & give it a glittering touch.
    3. Forget that sand paper, they’ve come up with sanding machine (having dust free vacuum function), which goes more faster & works in a much cleaner way.
    4. Automated Multipurpose Mixer for Putty & texture mixing, again making mixing hassle free.
    5. Forget those small hand rollers, they’ve got Auto rollers to their portfolio. Adjustable with automatic paint pumping to give a better finish.
    6. High Pressure washer : With pressure regulator & nozzle adjustment ,it helps in hi-speed pressure wash.
    7. Airless paint sprayer : Supporting water based paint & primer , with uniform finish.


Aren’t that completely new to you? Let’s acknowledge that paint industry has evolved & with all these automatic machines to work, definitely painting a house turns into a pleasant experience.

Also the services are just a call /SMS away.

And let me share the best part.. All these benefits are at “NO ADDITIONAL COST”, yes that was what Mr. Das explained and came as icing on the cake to us.

After having this engrossing session, we were given some mysterious objects , hand gloves, masks, head cover..Nopes we weren’t going to operate someone;) we were given white boards & palm sized sand papers to ensure that the board goes smooth across all the sides. believe on me, it was a small board & 8 people dusting & brushing it! It was not at all easy , with so much dust engulfing, it did make us realise the importance of modern techniques.


Men at work

This activity did require a “Coffee Break” with some recordings of video bytes in the back. We were enjoying , it was an activity laden interesting session by Berger paint teams.

As another activity awaited us, having a sight recalled me of the young days when we used to hold brush & do water or oil colours on the paintings. Lol , it was always messy for me , really didn’t knew how it would turn out.

Started with the mixing of colours knowledge, “Themed” painting competition worked in good spirits with we canvassing “Delhi Meri jaan”, what ever may happen, “We love Delhi” & here comes the painting our team worked out! Needs appreciation indeed.


I Love Dilli


It all worked in great team work, although we could not win, but then it was highly enjoyable perfecting the caption which Berger paints wanted to cascade “ Turn painting into happy experience” .

Have a look at their T20 of painting advert



Blue the Sky,

Blue the Water

& so is my city


Enter this city famously known for its forts ( Mehrangarh ) , palaces ( Umaid Bhawan Palace ) , temples and off course food ( Pyaz ki Kachori , MIRCHI BADA ) which finds its name on must visit list of Every Global and Indian Travel Guide & Expert .This place which I proudly call as my HOMETOWN with gives me a Unique Identity of being called MARWARI (It was formerly a princely state known as Marwar ) .

Apart from various characteristics of Jodhpur , One mystery which still remain unresolved as why Majority of Houses around old city area near Mehrangarh Fort are painted BLUE … One logic is to distinguish themselves Houses Occupied by Upper caste Brahmin’s were painted Blue and gradually everyone followed the trend . Some says that to naturally keep termites and insects away, Copper sulphate was added to standard whitewash. Whatever the reason is, this shade of blue is loved and captured beautifully by world renewed photographers in their portraits capturing the essence of this city.

With growing options and change in lifestyle, upcoming generations are exploring various textures and colors on their homes to create signature look. But, I wish to keep the heritage alive of this city and still want to explore shades of Blue which can add a thematic ambiance in my home woven around multiple shades with base color as BLUE. To help in this quest, BED BATH & MORE
came very handy.

This website follows new age mantra to provide hand pickets Idea’s , Services , Inspiration and Product to Re-furbish home of our dreams sitting right on our couch. To mark the start of long festival season, first long lead item everyone looks to take care of is PAINTING of House and I was bitten by the same bug. So ” BLUE ” was on mind , but what and where to go next is unknown as local painters or dealers doesn’t seems to understand my vision of home . So, I headed to BED, Bath and More and first thing which stuck with me was theme “GRECIAN BLUE “.

Among the available shades under this theme, I picked PEACEFUL BLUE
“and there it was a virtual tour of how this look in various section of my house. As a family, we get the option to check and pick the shade and even design our own theme. After much discussion, I was allowed ….YES gracefully allowed by my Wife and kid to pick the tone for DINNING SPACE and BATHROOM. As strange as it seems but My Creativity stand highest sitting on HOT Seat and my first love is and will always be FOOD. So in span of 1 hour and we have settled on our new look of house and shades of BASE COLOR getting alive this season in our home.

Thankfully this website, help us in pre- budgeting for approx expenditure and help understand difference in category of Emulsion. We ordered Shade cards to take a real feel of the color

Fortunately and creatively, they also offer Bedding, bath, Furniture, Décor which suits the style and theme of paint selected. So we never ends up picking choice in furniture of showpieces from our neighbors or Uncle’s house and can create personalized Stylish Home. So my family can sing out aloud this beautiful song:

Ye Tera Ghar Ye Mera Ghar Kisi Ko Dekhna Ho Gar
To Pehle Aake Maang Le Meri Nazar Teri Nazar !

Yahan Mahak Wafaaon Ki Mohabbaton Ka Rang Hai
Ye Ghar Tumhara Khwaab Hai Ye Ghar Meri Umang Hai !!

Na Aarzoo Pe Qaid Hai Na Hausle pe Jung Hai
Hamaare Hauslon Ka Ghar Hamaari Himmaton Ka Ghar !!!

Ye Tera Ghar Ye Mera Ghar Ye Ghar Bahut Haseen Hai

Ye Tera Ghar…

{ “I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association withBlogAdda & Bed Bath & More” }