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Curious case of SHADOW

An everyday conversation between an Einstein  kid & an average IQ  father like me☺ .

Son – Dad,  Who is he ?? 

Me: This is Shadow .. 

 Son : Why is he following me ?? 

if-shadow.jpgMe: Becaz  , it’s a friend gifted by god to you .. who can watch you over all the time.  

Son : Then it’s not a good friend , becaz he  follow me only during  day time.

Me: Becaz , it get tired running all along with you entire day and goes to sleep in the night .

Son : They why the length of shadow keeps on changing during entire day.

Me : Becaz it is scared of sun and tries to hide behind you going in reverse direction .

Son : But why is shadow scared of sun ?

Me: Becaz It cannot bear the heat of him. 

Son : Then Why I cannot change my shadow with my friend or buy a new one .

Me: you cannot exchange it like you can’t do with your eyes or nose or hairs .

Son : Then why don’t shadow wear a dress like I do.

Me: It always wear a black color dress and it’s her fav color.

Son : In case , then why I am not allowed to wear the same dress always ?? 

Me : Becaz …Becaz  … I NEED A BREAK …. Please go back to your MOM ..only she can handle a shadow like you !!! ☺ { or I am feeling like a  shadow who needs to hide from a  SON   like you whose curiosity is brighter than the SUN rays. }


Image Credit : http://www.dburkart.com

Motherhood – Purest form of Love ..


{ Picture location : Vagator Beach , Goa ! }

{Whenever I revisit this picture , the only song which seems fit to define the love is : }  … 

आ चल के तुझे मैं लेके चलूँ, एक ऐसे गगन के तले
जहाँ ग़म भी ना हो, आँसू भी ना हो, बस प्यार ही प्यार पले

सूरज की पहली किरण से, आशा का सवेरा जागे
चंदा की किरण से धूलकर, घनघोर अंधेरा भागे
कभी धूंप खिले, कभी छाँव मिले, लंबी सी डगर ना खले

जहाँ दूर नज़र दौड़ाए, आज़ाद गगन लहराये
जहाँ रंगबिरंगे पंछी, आशा का संदेसा लाये 
सपनों में पली, हँसती वो कली, जहाँ शाम सुहानी ढले

सपनों के ऐसे जहां में, जहाँ प्यार ही प्यार खिला हो
हम जा के वहा खो जाये, शिकवा ना कोई गीला हो
कही बैर ना हो, कोई गैर ना हो, सब मिल के यूँ चलते चले

{ Hope you feel the same what every Mother wishes for their Kid }

Movie : Door Gagan Ki Chhaon Mein (1964)
Lyricist  & Singer : Kishore Kumar, 
Music Director : Kishore Kumar, 

Protector of the Realm – DAD

Generation 1 ..ME and My Dad :) ....

Generation 1 ..ME and My Dad 🙂 ….

There are three stage of life where drastic transformation happens namely : Job , Marriage and Child . All 3 event changes the priorities and purpose of our life . Where Job takes away time from Family , Friend to Focus on Career to Prove the ability to corporate world or business acumen to survive & earn for better future .  Marriage bring back the Need for Work-Life balance to make better half feel he/she is important enough to change priority to accommodate time/money/love to honor the contribution our partner makes in every aspect and phase of our life .

Third Phase is 360 degree game changer, which make us feel responsible where we act as a semi god for a living entity whose future/behavior/thinking/lifestyle would be shaped by condition we keep them in , values we teach them , utmost care we do for smallest needs of them .  Simultaneously , it takes us back in memory lane to put us in our parents shoes on how difficult it would have been to keep patience , to keep wishes of child  above your own  , forgiving mistakes after mistakes , Finding answers to their unending Queries , Saving money more in present to preserve for their future and many more things .

My father has been my mentor,an inspirational figure throughout my life. Starting from school age when i was unable to decide between commerce and science, he provided me  counselling to identify my field of interest and zero on Science as core subject. While taking admission for Engineering, he took me on a tour of all the 14 colleges which I shortlisted to personally see and talk with faculty/students when others were deciding based on pictures printed in colorful brochures .

During Engineering , there was 2 month industrial training which i had to a attend at a manufacturing unit 800 Km away from my hometown and this was going to be my first encounter outside home   and was scared to the core on how the things would be managed . How I am going to find accommodation, where am i going to eat , how will i commute , how to address corporate people and many other monster like questions , but my father took entire 2 month off from his work to be with me and teach me step on step , so I never ever faced any challenge in future in facing the world alone . After Engg , I wanted to pursue MBA but the fees was too high and there was already an education loan pending whose E.M.I .was about to start . My torchbearer father again delayed his plan to buy car and used the money to fund my MBA at a top notch college in Delhi .

Although he tried not to intervene in home matters, but when the issue of Arranged Marriage V/s Love marriage popped up, he openly decided to support me and applied his VETO power first time in 25 years to break the family tradition and let me marry with girl of my wish.  Now  when their era of time has changed drastically and lifestyle is advanced , he  share his wisdom of knowledge along with liberty to adopt new technology and culture .  His presence enough make me take any amount of risk in life with a assurance that  there is one person who is and will be there  to support  unconditional no matter what happens .

Now when I am trying to make a list on how to raise my child, I know my father has set the benchmark so high that i would never be able to pass on the legacy fully but would try best to follow his footstep and make my son an independent, honest and honorable person with freedom to choose his way of life. On this Father ‘s Day , I wish to Just want to give him a WARM BEAR HUG as a gesture to say ” Thanks ” for the unconditional love as words will always fall short in expressing the true feeling . THANKS DAD …You are my SUPER HERO .

Helping my kid to take his first step .... Passing on the Legacy

Helping my kid to take his first step …. Passing on the Legacy

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”