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New Venture : Family on the wheels

Hey Friends,

I’m so happy to announce the launch of our new Family Travel Blogsite ” Familyonthewheels” , coz that’s what we are.. Travel addicts:)

The major focus of this website is to share  what it takes to travel with a Kid along side . Believe us , it takes whole  together another level of planning and  even the experiences are different . We have been through all the phase of being a Solo traveller to roaming around as couple and now ARHAM has joined us .

Be it funny situation , when we missed our flight becaz our kid has last minute urge to pee , to getting special Upgrade in Dolphin show becaz we had Arham along . Through this website we will be sharing all our experience in terms of tips as how to make Travel comfortable for yourself and kid .

We will be more than happy if you can come over, follow us and let’s begin discussing in and all around the beauty of Travelling.

Picture 099

I had last posted a very small highlight of Capri on this blog, so the detailed post is out. Read here :

  1. Capri island : An amazing Italian island, waiting for you to leave you awe struck
  2. Blue Grotto : All you wish to know of the magical charm of Blue Grotto at Capri.

As the days will pass, the blog book will become heavy but interesting to help you unravel the travel goals with amazing destinations we will bring out for you!

Follow us on our new venture – familyonthewheels.com

Blog URL – https://familyonthewheels.com/

Social media :

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Twitter : @TalesofFOTW 

Let’s catch up soon there! Connect with us & travel the world!

See you all till then!


Kal Ho Na Ho .

Yes ..Life is Unpredictable and Perishable too .. It’s gone soon enough before we realize what do we really want to do out of it .

Days over days , months over months followed by years we keep on living the dreams and goals set by the society or family for us . I know , it’s good and important to give ears to their advice and opinion on way to lead life but making it the destiny we wish to conquer  is way bad .. This makes us herd of sheep , who only move in group and never give independent thought on what if I go in any other direction .

Small example is what we celebrate as festival are derived according to dates marked on calender , So season start with new year and end with Christmas and entire School , Collage , Office and Even Families plan around them .

Help Kids on the street , becaz at end of life we don’t want to see our life wasted on acts which are mirror of what people done to us .. Let’s our inner-self not guided by deeds of other rather by what we truly are  .. A person who wants to believe in the 0.01% hope  . Help everyone , may be as small a guiding a blind or senior citizen in crossing road to distributing sweets to road side kids or as big as leaving my day to day job to start a venture which is 99.99% surety of failure but our heart sees a hope and wish to do it …

When we actually start doing this , then only we can celebrate every moment of life , because consequences no longer affect our attitude towards life and its situation . Be like a child , who is happy every time he see you , every-time he learns a new things , every-time he is faced with new roadblock he keep trying and trying . These small task gives us confidence to try and fight with bigger one and beyond a point we don’t care about the outcome of ur efforts , rather we start enjoying the efforts we are putting it .. When we can judge ourselves and get in habit to put a pat on the back as we set higher and higher benchmark for ourselves we start loving every moment .

So a street beggar can be more happy than world’s richest man , because as Gandhi ji said ” There is enough for man’s need , but not for man’s greed ” .

All this can be summed up in two songs which are on top of my play-sit and i hear them a ritual whenever i look for support /motivation and wish to feel good .

First One :

Title Song – Kal Ho Na Ho

Second One

Haste , Haste Kaat jaye rashtey ,

Zindagi yuhi chalti rahe  !!!

Khushi mile ya gum , Badlenga na hum ,

Duniya chahe badalti rahe ”