We like to MOVE IT , MOVE IT !!

Grandpa!! There is an emergency!!! There is hurricane which is refusing to die out, pls help me ;help me sail through it”!  And suddenly I heard the sound of stick falling on other side of receiver.


My Grandpa who is an epitome of patience hurriedly called everyone in the home closer to the phone. He was worried, and why not, apple of his eye, sitting in Greece, on his f645f7ddbea5faaa8aea68e0fc8f591ab_grandpa-cliparts-free-animated-clipart-grandpa_800-1067.pngirst ever international trip, thousands of kms away was begging for help! Silence!


Pls switch on the TV;  You Check the weather in GREECE on Internet; you check trending hash tags on social media about any such hurricane! The last prediction was of clear sunny days for next 3-4 months. Bet me on, this global warming is going to turn everything upside down; this is going to change everything!

I was hearing all this conversation & finally screamed.


Daddu, just wait! At least listen to me on phone. The weather is good, no need to check on Internet or TV. This hurricane is not the one to be made viral over social media.

This is happening all inside my STOMACH.

Oh my god!

And with this I heard release of tons of musical Co2 over phone . That’s what we define as a “Sigh of relief”.

Ok Ladoo, tell me what happened ??

Daddu, since I left Delhi, I have been on buns, breads and pasta all the time. From last 3 days may be due to jet leg or change of food pattern, I am facing severe problem of constipation. Even the local medicines did not work 😦 “

” I tried the medicine available in my kit as well, but nothing seems to be working. I am stuck in the hotel room and feeling like shit … waiting for the shit to come!

Daddu, what should I do? And please don’t tell anyone about this.

And then there was a cyclone of laughter stuck over the phone. As grandpa was listening all this on speakerphone & my uncle – aunt, cousins were all listening to our conversation. Sad to know that 😦 .


Ok Ladoo, Let me help you get rid of it. I’am sending you whatsapp of 2 Aasana’s (Yoga Aasnas). Try these on 15 min each and drink 2 glass of hot water and then call me back”.

Wow, it worked like a magic! In next 1 hour the Indian remedy had started to show its results. It happened, without any medicine, without any extra euros flowing out of my pocket. I was so relieved & ready for great evening then!

Thanking Grandpa, he explained me the importance of Yoga. YOGA has been an integral part of Indian tradition and culture since ages. What medicines and expensive gym equipments cannot do is easily taken care by following some simple exercises known as YOGA AASANA’s.

You used to wonder what we bunch of oldies do in garden at 5 am in morning … But that’s exactly what world has recognised and have been following. Check Youtube which is flooding with globe opting, following and preaching yoga. Even if possible, try to switch to using Indian style of Toilets  (Squatting Type) rather than relying on the sitting type toilets which was designed only for royals or diabled. Remember IRFFAN KHAN in PIKU trying to explain same logic about how Squatting style is as par human anatomy which does not chokes the rectum and help in proper bowel movement. Anyways, come back home and I will teach you some basic aasana’s which will also help overcome any jet lag or headache. And once you regularly do them, it will increase your immunity to great levels. “images

Thanks Grandpa.. My focus is back on exploring Greece rather than roaming in around toilet for now and Long live the INDIAN AND CULTURE”.

Wow, I was indeed pleased at this amazing therapy, which gave me proud of being an Indian & following Indian culture 🙂

Going back to the roots is the way ahead..

Checkout how Lufthansa is Celebrating  India’s growing global influence in latest  TVC  #MoreIndianThanYouThink.

Mystery of Alien and Babloo-Dabloo

This time the “Trendsetter” Colgate of our family had indeed set the trend for a young mind just bubbled out of the egg! Yes, having a chirpy 2.5year old son gaining his creativity and an enthusiastic mind with Colgate magical creatures was a deadly combo to me.

Ever since he had been looking at the TVC’s of Colgate; he was eager to cook what was this upto, since it pictured kids and some curious characters. To me it sounded some “Curious case of Mr..Blah Blah” novel by Enid Blyton but to my kid it was a “Must pack” to be brought home.

And the after enough of bluffing and fooling him around(since I had already 4-5 Colgate packs in stock), a deadline was given to me. And then “Blogadda” came to my rescue, dispatching the “magical story boxes” right to my doorstep.


And then I was hanging with my little boy, who was curious to know every object from Comet to Alien, from Rocket to spaceship. Yes, I re-visited my “bachpan” with Colgate magical stories once again, when I solved the “Mystery of the Cunning Alien and Babloo-Dabloo” to save the planet earth.

So here goes the Story which I towed on my able shoulders of helping my baby save the mother earth!

There was a big storm, form of Tornado sweeping away the trees, with huge sandy blows. Houses were getting cracked, people were getting panicked and rushing for safety. News channels were quoting visibility of some “dangerous creatures” not from the Earth! Who were they and what were they upto?

They were being called as “Aliens”, they flew in thousands towards the earth, which brought the tornado sweeping away everything. The day those alien ships landed, the earth cracked and started drifting away. Humanity was in panic.

Suddenly, there emerged 2 superman from our team earth, who were small kids; Babloo and Dabloo, so true of their hearts, who wanted to face these aliens. Despite objections, they confronted the aliens only to find that they also were taken back to the space to get their mission possible. They sat in the Rocket and flew towards the space only to explore the beautiful galaxy. The Moon, the planets , Oh Venus, Jupiter, they crossed them all only to find that they landed on a very dusty and rocky structure which we called as “Mars” .

Their curious questions about the comet tails, the planets orbiting around the sun, separate moons of Planets, sharing their experiences on earth, left the aliens in a “Friendly match” with Babloo and Dabloo. Kids then asked them their mission of attacking earth and to their surprise, these aliens just wanted to live like humans on the earth. They wanted to understand what “Love” means. They wanted to know the importance of a “Family”. They themselves wanted to have the innocence of a  Kid and lead a life full of compassion and Unity.

They had attacked earth, to research the human behaviour and get back the findings to implement on their planet. And it was so wonderful, these kids got those emotions alive in them.

They were really happy to understand the world of Love and immediately began to send the kids back to earth via luxurious spaceship with some lovely souvenirs for people of earth. 


So the story had the Moral value for my kid, he understood the reality of the world wherein “Humanity & Love” works. He confronted that the world can be won not by attacks and revolts but by peaceful discussions and understandings. And yes definitely, he has outgrown his age kids when it comes to “Astronomy for Kids”.


Thank you #Colgate for helping us create #colgatemagicalstories for the little munchkin!

I am blogging my #ColgateMagicalstories at BlogAdda in association with Colgate .

Need of Air Purifier!

Do we need AIR Purifier’s?

Every now and then we hear that “Delhi” is the most polluted cities of the world. A recent study published in Journal -Lancet has quoted that “Country’s air is turning more toxic by the day”, with Air pollution killing 2 people in India every minute .


Its so frequent to read that PM2.5 levels in Delhi are 10-15times higher than what WHO has prescribed (>120micrograms/cubic metre)

! Approx. 18000 people die every day due to immense Air pollution

! >80% people are exposed to high Air pollution levels

! It all is leading to more and more people getting prone to Pneumonia, respiratory problems, Lung cancers, Heart problems, Pulmonary disorders

! Every breath we take is a killer breath, be it breathing in the garden for the sake of jogging & walking

Isn’t all this scary? Further its not just an Outdoor pollution, it has come to notice that Indoor air pollution (being termed as Silent Killer)is  a major health problem for close to 3 billion people globally . Leave globally, we can’t even ask to keep homes properly ventilated due to the amount of toxic air outside the homes.

So what leaves us with the measure?

Let me share you my own example living in Delhi & having a 2year old kid. In Oct he had severe chest congestion which was not being recovered even after multiple strong doses for kids leaving the doctor frustrated.  With immense discussion, my doctor suggested me to leave Delhi for next 15-20 days & move out in Hills or small town just to breathe fresh air. Well that might sound funny or crazy, but this instance can measure the intensity of the problem with kids who are being brought up in tis environment . Yes, we did not go to the hills due to other commitments but then we made a choice of getting an “Air purifier” installed at our place .

With the single reason, at least we get chance to breathe pure air for 8-10 hours daily, leave aside any immunity factor.

So let me just brief you as to how Air Purifiers actually works:

The air inside the homes is more dirtier and can be house of many air contaminants. Moistures can lead to spores formation , even cooling systems circulate dust & bacteria’s. Entry of pollens can easily make one allergic.

Most commonly Air purifiers use fine filters that filters various particles, big & small circulating in the air. This filter basically exchanges the air using a fan to draw air via purifier. The dust & particles remain on the filters of purifier & pure air circulates in the room. Hence it is suggested that finer the filter is, better the functionality . HEPA Air filters are one of the kind which are made from tiny glass fibers which have immense protection from these air pollutants usually above 0.3 Microns. More the air passes in filters, cleaner will it become.

Now the question comes to selection?

Well we believed in “Pureit from HUL” which removes 99% of 6 widest range of pollutants in just 1hr-

  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Dust (like airborne micro-dust)
  • Particulate Matter (like PM 2.5 and PM 10)
  • Air Borne Bacteria (similar to Tuberculosis and Conjunctivitis)
  • Air Borne Virus (similar to H1N1 and Influenza)
  • Allergens (Pollen, Mold Spores, Dust Mites and Pet Dander)

It also comes with World’s First Refresh display, which refreshes your room air every 13 mins and shows you how many refreshes have happened since the purifier has started working.

It also has some unique features as :

  • Air Quality Indicator -detecting the pollutants & displaying every 2sec
  • It comes with 3 different fan speed
  • Have no-noise sleep- Using Night mode
  • Low Power consumption -as low as a ceiling fan.

Why we feel that Pureit air Purifier is one of the Best in Market ?

  • It is the only Air Purifier certified for a measurable efficiency of 99% removal of 6 different pollutants in an hour.
  • Their devices have not originated in China, rather have been designed in world class standards in Korea.
  • It runs Asia’s first Air Lab, which is the only lab in Asia that can test Virus removal.
  • It is a known brand in Water purification, making about 1 million water purifiers in India alone every year and is the world’s largest Water Purifier Brand.

Let’s join Pureit in their awareness campaign towards Air Pollution in Delhi & help ourselves lead a pure and healthy life!


Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.17.13 AM

                                                      PC: https://www.pureitwater.com/air/

Indi-Berger Paint meet experience

It has always been wonderful catching up interesting meets by IndiBlogger & there came up a great rejuvenation after approx 2years for me. Tussling between corporate life & a little kid, it was indeed a great breakthrough for me , to once again catch with with the Blogger community & this time it was all the more important due to its co-association with “Berger paints”.

We had been planning for our home makeover from past 10-15 days & this was a perfect time to understand as to what Berger Paints was upto.

The venue -Vivanta by Taj was indeed Vivacious and as always, the gesture of Indi team was full of warmth. Going by some digital times, we were provided  badges(with twitter handles) & various setups were done for photo bytes. Progressed post doing lunch, indeed a warm up activity was a must to ensure that ”sleep time as over” . Yes it was the start of Bonding time, to catch up old pals & new bloggers and understand about them with a group activity.

Welcoming Mr.Das from Berger paints, indeed gave a perfect professionalism in the way he took the presentation & Q&A’s. The concept of Berger paints came very new & Mr.Das is wholly responsible for “keeping the community engaged & liven up”:). Live running contests as “best Tweet/ Best Pic” kept all of us engaged all the more on social channels which stood out very well.

Best Pic

Let me take the opportunity to get my readers acknowledged as to why I firmed my decision on “Berger Paint” with their Berger Xp service for my home, Home sweet home.

It has been pain to me, thinking of employing traditional painter with that small sand card patch & brush to paint over.. Further, painting a house seems full of hassle for professionals like me who have to work daily for long hours.

I feared how my parents would manage that, since the home would turn into a cabin full of dust, mites. How would they handle covering & shifting furniture? Will they be able to cater to “n” no. of questions by the painter ? How will they manage for nearly a month in that environment?

All these questions as prompting me to delay my decision of getting the house painted. But, let me be very true with you all, this meet indeed changed my perception towards “House painting”.

  1. Its a known brand & name in India for many decades , with many awards & certifications to its credit.
  2. They have been innovative since the beginning wrt paints or services and that stands so true with their “Painting ka T20”, Berger express painting. Having trained many painters in their academy for professional training , they are just going better with expanding their Automated Home Painting Tools.
    1. More the automatisation, lesser the man hours required for painting – As claimed 40% faster than traditional painting.
    2. Professional painters to handle your house perfectly & give it a glittering touch.
    3. Forget that sand paper, they’ve come up with sanding machine (having dust free vacuum function), which goes more faster & works in a much cleaner way.
    4. Automated Multipurpose Mixer for Putty & texture mixing, again making mixing hassle free.
    5. Forget those small hand rollers, they’ve got Auto rollers to their portfolio. Adjustable with automatic paint pumping to give a better finish.
    6. High Pressure washer : With pressure regulator & nozzle adjustment ,it helps in hi-speed pressure wash.
    7. Airless paint sprayer : Supporting water based paint & primer , with uniform finish.


Aren’t that completely new to you? Let’s acknowledge that paint industry has evolved & with all these automatic machines to work, definitely painting a house turns into a pleasant experience.

Also the services are just a call /SMS away.

And let me share the best part.. All these benefits are at “NO ADDITIONAL COST”, yes that was what Mr. Das explained and came as icing on the cake to us.

After having this engrossing session, we were given some mysterious objects , hand gloves, masks, head cover..Nopes we weren’t going to operate someone;) we were given white boards & palm sized sand papers to ensure that the board goes smooth across all the sides. believe on me, it was a small board & 8 people dusting & brushing it! It was not at all easy , with so much dust engulfing, it did make us realise the importance of modern techniques.

Men at work

This activity did require a “Coffee Break” with some recordings of video bytes in the back. We were enjoying , it was an activity laden interesting session by Berger paint teams.

As another activity awaited us, having a sight recalled me of the young days when we used to hold brush & do water or oil colours on the paintings. Lol , it was always messy for me , really didn’t knew how it would turn out.

Started with the mixing of colours knowledge, “Themed” painting competition worked in good spirits with we canvassing “Delhi Meri jaan”, what ever may happen, “We love Delhi” & here comes the painting our team worked out! Needs appreciation indeed.

I Love Dilli


It all worked in great team work, although we could not win, but then it was highly enjoyable perfecting the caption which Berger paints wanted to cascade “ Turn painting into happy experience” .

Have a look at their T20 of painting advert

Sensational Dubai!

Planning for a trip to a Dessert? Beach? modern place? amazing architecture? Or to experience the crazy adrenaline experiences?


We’ll that’s what Dubai holds in itself, a complete package for travel lovers with varied tastes, and a glance on the options it offers for you will for sure compel travelers to have it in the “Must visit” place.

And why not, with such an easy connectivity via the Gulf Air from Cleartrip,it doesn’t actually needs a second thought to hop on to.

And while in Dubai, you should definitely check these places:

  1. Burj Khalifa : Visiting the tallest structure of the world would have definitely build anxiety!160 storied shiny building capturing world’s Tallest Art gallery(having works of close to 85 artists across the world), a mix of Residential(144 residences), Commercial space with Armani hotel (with a difference – step into home with no reception desk), lounges, health & wellness facilities, pools , observation desk at 148th floor(which can even make people view shores of Iran on a clear day)

It also has special measures with lights to prevent aircraft collisions, infact its fact file is huge with interesting stories to grasp.

  1. Dubai Fountains : The Dubai Fountain, situated on 30acre Burj lake are world’s tallest performing fountain , with over 900ft in length. The light, music & the serene lake shares a compelling & wow moment on the first glimpse itself. It performs to range of different songs ranging from contemporary, classical & other world music as well.
  1. Dubai mall : With the credit of largest mall in world (basis area measured), it engulfs 1200 shops in the Dubai Downtown , attracting maximum tourists across the world. Get your Style quotient rejuvenated here !
  1. Burj Al Arab : Get pampered at one of the luxurious hotel designed in the form of sailing ship , on an artificial island, close to Jumeirah Beach. Encompasses 202 rooms on 28 double storey floors, some lovely restaurants offering a panoramic look of Dubai .
  1. Aquaventure Waterpark : That’s definitely for the adventure seekers, adrenaline pumping rides, Zip line giving the views of Atlantis & beachfront, getting close to the marine life (sharks, rays, colorful fishes), it will for sure offer the nerve chilling experience. For those who wish to relax at beaches , have this option too here.
  1. Dolphin Bay : In Atlantis, this bay is certain to provide a memorable experience, while swimming with Dolphins or going for Scuba with these amazing creatures and even just hug them up!
  1. Dubai Desert : Gear up now! Take a backseat , hold the belts tight as the ride on dunes gonna take you for an adrenaline rush. If not that , opt in for Quad biking and explore the amazing sandy landscapes. Still not pleased, forget all and go in for Sand-boarding down the slopes & have a sensational experience all by yourself.


  1. SKI Dubai : Loved Sand-boarding, now why not explore Ski-boarding:) at Ski Dubai, a great Indoor Ski resort. Tightly themed with those snowy winters, it is a lovely place to enjoy Skiing, Snow-boarding & participate in snow games / jumping the ramp, roll down the ball run, have that amazing hot chocolate and why not meet & greet ”penguins”!
  1. Aquarium & Underwater Zoo : with certainly breathtaking experiences as “riding Shark scooter”(descending upto 3metres under the water ,making you have a comfortable look at the marine life), gain momentum with encountering & feeding the Sharks, go in for snorkelling to see marine life and yes don’t miss on the Underwater zoo ( King Croc – a mighty 750kg -5m long crocodile; Night creatures as Bats, Owl’s, Hedgehogs & some other interesting creatures)
  1. Jumeirah beach & Marina Beach : The white shiny beach with pristine blue -green waters on Jumeriah offers a calm ,relaxing day for the visitors. One can also visit marina beach, which ensures to showcase some of the amazing skyscrapers built there, apart from admiring nature (sunset, sunrise )
                                                                                                                                                                                { Picture Courtesy : http://www.cleartrip.ae }

Day out in Rome!

Just a though ran my mind on busy working Tuesday.. Rome was not built in a day.. Why not let me walk through it in a day ..I tapped on to see Euro to INR conversion , it was little lower than last week , & expected to go low in next 2 days as well, Foreign exchange was just the next  building to office, the month & the weather was perfect ,  Mom was happy with my child about to turn 2 in next one month, Travel site was offering discounts! What else? I just rushed & planned for10 day Italy trip, a trip to admire the art designed by the greatest artists, to fall in love with the culture & praise the lovely people out there!

So keep your eye glued to visit: 5 Best Places in Rome in a day:

  1. Vatican Museums :

Well that’s a complete “Not to miss” start, book your audio guide online & enter them skipping the queues outside. With the complete museums & gallery stretched along 7Kms, one has to be selective to preserve the energy for the last of the magnificent stretch opening into “Sistine Chapel”. Vatican houses all time greatest art be it Modern paintings or Egyptian mummies or Etruscan bronzes or frescoed rooms, all due to the great artists as Michelangelo & Raphael.

Search more on Website : www.vatican.va

  1. St.Peter’s Basilica :

Within the Vatican City, lies the Dome of Basilica, a brilliant piece of renaissance architecture, which has been collectively designed by all time great artists as Michelangelo, Gian Lorenzo, Carlo & Donato (for more than 100 years) making it  “One of the largest churches in the world”.

Bordered with Rich history it is a lovely place to be at & can be covered in a single visit to Vatican.

2. Colosseum :

One of the most admired “Amphitheatre” across the world, although some part of it has converted into ruins, but this structure along with rich history is a big charm of Rome.

It was basically home to entertainment for the public with the display of exotic animals, there used to be game fights between animals & slaves or criminals or prisoners. The original building was marble clad with 160 huge statues of over 160ft.  It could accommodate approx. 55k spectators with 4 floor seating space.


3. Spanish Steps :

Just besides the Triangular square: Piazza Di Spagna, lies a French Church on the top of hill, which can be easily forayed upon the long stairs referred as “Spanish Steps”. A day visit can ensure you to walk on the stairs & visit the glimpse , but this is place attracts lot of tourists, so for a serene view one can also see the lightening glimpse when the night falls. Along the complete way numerous gelatine shops are there to hold on to the amazing flavours of famous ice-creams.

4. Trevi Fountain :

When the night falls, with the surrounding lights this place has an amazing aura it radiates.

One of the most beautiful fountain ever seen, full of huge crowd , still it demands an ample time from your itinerary . It also reflects s perfect example of “Monumental Baroque”.


So now just Pack your bags & plan for an enticing trip to Italy.

Food Review – Chopsticks , Delhi

Location : The Village Restaurant Complex  , Near  Sirifort Auditorium , Khel Gaon Marg , Delhi  Serves : Chinese &  Asian Cuisine Cost : INR 2000 for 2 pax , Serves : Buffet in Lunch and Al -C…

Source: Food Review – Chopsticks , Delhi