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What’s Really Important ??

Mummy says food is imp. ,

Papa says studies is imp. ,

Teachers says Discipline is important. ,

Soul mate says Lots of Love and some money is imp. ,

Kids says fulfilling their every wish is imp. ,

Boss says Deadlines are Imp. ,

Company says Loyalty is Imp. ,

Landlord says Paying bills on time is imp. ,

Bank says your Cibil score is imp. ,

Govt says paying tax on time is imp. !


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Everywhere there is noise , but none of this is “ the  voice  “ .

Among all the sound it’s difficult to decide what’s really important !


Looking outside was never an option as everyone has their own version.

So Better dig inside and the voice said – “JUST BE HUMAN “   .

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No Matter how people try to mold you.

No matter what incidents try to make out of you.

Be a SOUL which is Nice, Helpful and honest for everyone and you will just be happy for LIFE 🙂

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2019 : An Year for Populist Schemes ?

Before saying goodbye , 2018 delivered an shocker and changed the fate how policies will be decided and implemented in first half of 2019 .

From one sided affair , 2019 election now seems to be open for throwing surprises . 3 state win for Congress in 2018 made even the alias of BJP in NDA to question if they can deliver like 2014 on Modi wave alone ?  So govt have started focusing back on getting votes from masses rather than from economist and management guru’s . Recent announcements clearly shows the ” BANIYA ” class who is traditional stronghold of BJP will be getting maximum soaps . Let’s analyse few of them :

  • Change of FDI rules in E-commerce : Simply means biggies like Amazon , Flipkart, Paytm will not be able to offer over the board discounts from their money chest funded by foreign principals . Positive Impact , difference in prices of goods between offline and online will reduce making customer partially shifting to buy from their age old neighborhood Brick and mortar shop  . Negative impact , FDI in eCommerce will slow down and investment firms will doubt if BJP is still pro-FDI or not .
  • Reservation for EWS in Unreserved Category : So this 10% Reservation on basis of Income level rather than religion or caste has been well taken by IT cell of Ruling party as game changing stroke . First Glance , yes we all want growth of the poorer section of society and no one dares to oppose this resolution . But Inside , they raise definition of Weaker section upto 8 lakh / year which again covers major chunk of vote-bank i.e. middle class and end up diluting the real purpose of provide reservation . Positive Impact : Rather than caste , now income level will decide quote . Negative impact : Govt misses an major opportunity to bring in change by raising the income level criteria .
  • GST exemption increased from 20 lakh/year to 40 lakh/year : Again Major chunk of small and middle business should get benefit as they falls in this revenue category  . Positive impact : Compliance will be better and ease of doing business will increase . Negative Impact :  Fiscal Deficit is all time High and its going to increase further with dip in tax collections expected . Bad for overall economy .

As an common man , we welcome all these decision but the questions are raised only on the TIMING . Are these decision taken as Political compulsion based on feedback of 3 state election result  . ?  If 2019 again elect Modi govt ( which has almost 99% probability  ) will these reform continue or they will be back to support  industrialist .

Supporting Industry or Bringing FDI or improving ease of business is never a bad idea . Point is what UPA has been doing in past to show soaps at end of term to turn in votes is now followed by NDA too ?

Hope and really hope this better be not the truth . Rest we can wait and watch as 2019 has more than ” 50 shades of grey ” to show On 🙂

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Saving Water , Preserving Future

Water one of the most important resource of life, without which no living organism can survive on earth, so why we are letting it get waste or polluted .Do we not need this precious resource for generations to come, are we just killing our future .

Today we are not putting our effort to safe this limited resource.  The situation is so poor that in US average water consumption is 80 to 100 gallons per person per day where as in Sub Saharan countries one has to walk about 7 miles to get only of 5 gallon of water per family. In developing countries every 15 seconds a child dies due to water related diseases.  The World Bank predicts by 2025, two-third of total population would run short of fresh water. Even today in India, there are about 76 million people without access to safe water that clearly shows our future is not at all safe .

.So, let us start thinking about little way by which we can save huge. On an average a person drinks 7 to 8 glass of water a day and many a times they may drink only half and leaves the rest .By this a least  amount of 1 glass of water on an average is wasted by one person when multiplied by population of India is 132.42 glasses of water each day . That will turn into 317808000 liters of water per day  ,which can save nearly 7.6 billion glass of water per day. Now to execute this initiative all have to take care that we take only according to our needs and pour rest of it into plants our trees as what we give to nature, nature will give us back. It is an easy way with very little efforts which only require little concern towards nature.

Effective conservation can also be done through-

  • Less usage of packed drinking water because unused water remain in plastic, which is a fresh refined water, and result in wastage.
  • Using of buckets rather than having showers as in there is great wastage of water.
  • Repairing leaking tap as every drop counts.
  • Putting all extra water into plants and trees.

In addition, many more small steps can turn the situation better

But this initiative should be taken by all as one person cannot save water for coming billions but billions can save for coming trillions and this is what we need today. All should come together irrespective of financial conditions; in name of betterment of human being


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Planet Hopping : Yes, that’s what I want to do !

Make a List !!

“Yes , I have a list ready for you ! List of work to be finished, grocery need to be ordered, bills need to be paid and many more. Which one do you want??

Not that one, the Blind … !

Oh Shit , Looks like I have missed something again ! Now get ready to be scolded! “Blind , Deaf , Duffer “ , this list of adjectives how can I forget ?

Arey baba, I am talking about the “ Blind List “ of places you desire – Remember the Lufthansa Campaign .

Sounds Interesting, I have heard of Bucket List , Wish List but this is new one ! But how to think of it  ?

That’s the best part, don’t think or google. Not even pen down your usual “10 places to visit before you die “ type post  . Close your eyes, consider impossible is nothing and let your heart fly to limitless imagination and bring it own version of world and share it in a post.


So , I closed my eyes and tried to focus . But what I can hear is some mobile ringtone, Knocking of Pen, Keyboard strokes and whisper of coffee sipping by someone. “Focus buddy, You have to focus “ . Unfortunately , After trying for 5-6 times , even changing venue from Home to office to bar , Gulping down 14 coffee , 3 beer , 7 Tequila shots  and endless rounds  of Peanuts Platter  the post is still “ BLANK “ .

Finally, I stopped trying , went to Arham ( my 4 year old kid ) and started watching what he was doing . At the moment , he was using Lego  blocks to make some structure . I asked “what’s that buddy “ ?  He said it is a Rocket water ship, which can eat all garbage of the earth and convert it into footballs.

Hahaha “  , that’s impossible ! Who gave you this idea ? This is not possible and you are just trying to define whatever you made fixing whichever blocks you can put your hands on !

His reply was “ I don’t care , its my world and I can make / think / do whatever I like to “ . Would you like to join my world . ?

Yes , its his world ! Right now he is not focusing on what he see or what he is taught and not abide by any rules . He is in his own world giving an free hand to his imaginary world .

So , I decided to try what Dr. Arham has prescribed me to do “ Be in my own world “ and sharing what my subconscious  mind brought back to me .

Planet Hoping !! I want to climb on carpet like Aladdin and go on journey of “Around the 7 Planets in 70  Days “ !!

The list is restricted to 7 as that’s the only I can name and remember for the post, else list can be endless J

So Base station for the trip will be Sun, where I can get Fuel for my entire journey !


1st Stop – Mercury!  This planet must be an big sized Hot water park with fun slides all over the place. Probably spend some time getting using to flow instead of walk  in absence of gravity .

2nd Stop – MARS!  I know after mercury comes Venus but stag entry is not allowed on it because you remember ” Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus ”  . Rock Climbing , Biking and all the wild sports will suit this place

3rd Stop – Jupiter – The Biggest of all must be an place to explore DINOSAURS and AUTOBOTS living together. May be I will buy a souvenir in form of BUMBLEBEE for my kid.

4th Stop – Saturn – Time For some roller coaster rides on the rings of Saturn.

5th Stop – Uranus – Lightest of them all, this planet must be full of fog to inhale the fresh air In and meet the rarest of birds!

6th Stop – Neptune – After all the while , I expect this planet to have an beach , rum flowing fountains and Pizza bearing plants .. It will have my longest stop with some me -time to reflect on the journey.

7th Stop – Venus: Yes, I mentioned Men’s are not allowed on this planet but who cares about rule. I will call in favor and arrange for a 2-day VIP pass in wonderland of women land J

8th  Stop –  Finally Back to real world after an Enriching experience of Self Exploration .

Now any Airlines or Startup planning to launch any similar  travel package know they already have an prospective customer here !!


Feel Like sharing your own #theblindlist , then write your adventure in comments section below or post it on Lufthansa website to win some cool prizes .  #SayYesToTheWorld

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The International Dreams

Yes , Everyone dreams to go Abroad . It’s an desire shared by billions of Indian be it short term or long term . Since ages , we have been hearing stories about how superior the developed countries are in term of living standard . While , Bollywood played an big role in promoting the exotic locations for travelers . On other hand , People Working at Top level of MNC inspired students to look outwards to international universities like Oxford , MIT etc to make their dreams come true .



I am too part of the same bunch of Dreamers . But while many plan to settle abroad , My plan was to learn Advance technology in Renewable sector and come back to our country to promote solar/ wind Power plants .  Although my technical knowledge was good enough but lack of information about Major selection criteria including proficiency in English language resulted my application getting rejected most of the times . Being Born and brought up in Tier – 2 Indian City , Proficiency in English reading is fair enough as per Indian Standard but not at par when grammar and pronunciation is concern.

Unfortunately there was no single course/institute to help me on this matter but now Pearson’s PTE academic is helping kids out of this important milestone #DefinatelyPTE

PTE academic is an world’s leading Online English Test which helps in Demonstrating skills in English Language . It is equally useful for  Students & professionals as it is accepted in many countries and academic centers. Almost 100 % of Australian , Irish , New Zealand universities accept there scorecard . Few of the popular one are  Australian National University , Charles Sturt University , Indian School of Business , Rotterdam school of Management and at least 500 + more names . With more and more UK , USA universities and even Immigration centers are validating the authenticity of this test .

The Major steps involved in this test are  :


#DefinatelyPTE is an easy way to cross first hurdle to your dreams of moving beyond borders legally .

SO if you are looking beyond TOEFL or IELTS and want to work with an flexible text methodology which give you option to even book an test slot just 24 hours  before and provide free text taker handbook ( PTE Preparation course ) , go for PTE Academic .

Without any human intervention , chances of error in scores is almost Nil and that’s why it deliver fastest result within 5 business days .


English is and will remain the unofficial WORLD’s language and to be an true GLOBAL citizen this test seems to be an smart choice to gain acceptance among peers and superiors  by proving expertise in language and opening doors to International opportunity .

Still feeling confused , then take an look at this video and decide for yourself but never let language be an barrier to your dreams .