Addiction Called Google

Yes , the title clears what’s my point of view going to be in this post .

We perfectly acknowledge the worth , contribution and growth google as a knowledge partner has imparted directly or indirectly to everyone of our life . If TV has been our window to the world , google is the door to everything we want to seek in this border-less world . I Believe every search on internet begins from google and that’s why half of the combine worldwide hits in a day are made on google . It offer various tools like translator , Email , Search engine , News , Alerts , Android App Store and numerous which most of us had not even explored even after years of uses .

So life without Google means , better shut out Internet at least for 90 % of users . Other side of this is a Addiction , one which is almost incurable and deadlier than drugs /medication . There is no research required to prove this fact and we can check ourselves the level of dependency we have grown on GOOGLE for smallest of our job . Kids as little as age of 3-4 do goggling to look for Spelling of basic works , Most of puzzle are not cracked by brain but by google . No one choreograph a dance step but just pick one from Google . We don’t sharpen our memory to remember name / place /personality as Google has became our IQ and EQ .

I know the Benefits of Google or I say internet in general will outnumber these flaws many time . But question of Hour is What happen if Google just seize to exist or vanishes like dinosaurs . Wouldn’t million of us would do mad or jobless or no clue how to perform simplest of our task . Or Somebody uses the vast info about billions of Users available with Google to manipulate us into something wrong , as we keep hearing about data leaks and breach of privacy into personal info over internet from the database of banks /social networks / Gaming device . Google by way of tracking our footprint across internet searches has the biggest data collection and this too poses a challenge .

I hope , wish and pray to that none of this come true , but if it did the nightmare would be the worst . So it’s better we use our presence over internet or searches over engine with some sense prevailing it and avoid addiction to a limit that there is no coming back .

This post is written for Indispire series on sharing idead and this week topic was #lifewithoutgoogle .


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