Road-map for 40 GW rooftop Solar by 2022

Today , Ministry of New and Renewable energy MNRE released First Road-map with Breakup of Targets state wise and year wise to Achieve 40 GW of Grid connected Rooftop in India by 2022 . Main Highlight of the document is :

  • Implementation of IPDS ( Integrated Power Development Scheme ) by MoP which will provide grant upto 75% of Project cost for Solar rooftop for New Government Building / Grid sub station or old one coming up for up-gradation .
  • MNRE working to arrange low interest fund from KFW , World BANK , ADB extra to finance roof top .
  • CFA may ( It’s a big if ) be provided if available through SECI & SNA .
  • 14 State policy and 19 State Regulations are already in place for net metering and many more expected soon .
  • Requesting State to Draw up plans to achieve allocated Targets .
  • Highest Capacity has been expected from Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh with 4700 & 4300 MW respectively and lowest from UT like Lakshadweep .

Observations :

  • CFA remain a Grey area and Govt is still not clearing the issue . Industry expert have been pushing to announce complete withdraw for Industrial and household sector and bringing clarity over the subject.
  • Target in Current Year has been Pegged at 200 MW and next year it jumps to 4800 which is 24 times jump which need significant ground work in next 6 month , hope they can convince State’s to take up the issue .
  • NET metering Scheme has to be adopted wide scale by DISCOM and procedure from application to execution have to be simplified with short timelines .

Start is on right track and entire industry would be keenly watching the initiative from government before joining in big way and take up this scheme .

Documents can be downloaded from MNRE website or clicking on the link below :


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