Pimple ya Dimple !!!

Men are from MARS and Women are from VENUS …. this proverb is so real that  manuscripts have been written on it and is a leading topic for Group Discussion’s & debates from places varying from management  collages to parliament .

These two side of coin are meant to disagree on everything on earth and beyond in the solar system  ,Still there comes a point,where both the sides face each other with same kind of feelings , the need to look good and  gracious which helps in drawing the right kind of attention and bring in the confidence to be presentable . Based on the region /culture and even with upbringing the definition of looking good can change for one as Well Combed Oily hair to making ponny tail's ,to even going bald ,putting a Tattoo right in the front of head , Even in Clothes , wearing accessory , dressing style may vary across both the genders  and finding a common thread may become difficult.
But there exists an enemy hated across borders in the world " Pimple ",the naughty ZIT, the Antonym of Beauty spot , One      which even the toughest men doesn't want to flaunt .
Pimple or Acne has endless reasons behind their existence and no probability theorem has been able to predict the location or timing of these mini atom bombs which take away the look/style of Oscar Winning actor/actress searching a need to visit dermatologist or if in hurry to the make- up artist to let it lighten up with thick layer of cosmetics.

Pimple comes with an urge to pray for it to disappear anyhow , regularly checking it’s position ,growth , size in the mirror and the thought of killing it at the very same moment using fingernails as the weapon of mass destruction  , which often is put on hold with the fear of inability to dispose the scar left which will keep reminding of the imperfect crime forever to the outer world . It also affect ability to click the perfect selfie and share it on social media . Suddenly all social media butterflies picture messges get replaced by text one , Invites goes unattended  and appearances to parties reduces to single digit .Even in professional world , pimples draw unwanted attention by crowd and along with these comes various suggestion to prevent and cure it which are even more weird than the person giving itself …

Everyone wants a Dimple but no one wants a pimple unless you are a dermatologist and if you are not better use all the precaution to better not get one or if it appears anyhow ..Try the New GARNIER ACTIVE NEEM , as nothing goes better to get over this ASAP and that too using nature’s own Ingredient’s . .

Checkout the details on the product at following link :
Link 1 : http://www.nopimplesnomarks.com/ or http://bit.ly/GPABlogLinkIndiBloggerActivity
Link 2 : http://www.garnier.in/face-care/beauty/garnier/pure-active/neem-face-wash or  http://bit.ly/GarnierPureActiveNeemWebsite
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