Tickle the funny bone !!

” Life is a tragedy when seen in Close up
but Comedy in Long-shot ”
– Charlie Chaplin

This famous quote by one of the finest actor and comedian world has ever seen is easy to understand but difficult to remember and implement in a life full of challenges and roadblocks. 99.99% of people reacts based on present condition and what they see is misery and difficult rather than learning from looking back in past and checking how easy the problems were before they found the solution . This is the reason we need regular dose of entertainment and that too not in form of Saas-Bahu soaps but in form of Light –Hearted Laughter as saying goes “Laughter is the best medicine “and it helps in taking life a bit easy in any situation.
So, If Laughter is medicine then comedians are the doctor which have specialization in on and only one area and that is how to tickle the funny bone inside it’s patients which are listening and watching his/her act as audience . What was earlier consider as part time work , has now been taken us as full time profession and houseful shows are organized across globe for these professional known as “ STAND UP COMEDIANS “ .So from playing side actor roles in Movies /Theater to a where Comedian’s like “George Carlin “ has a following of millions and their LIVE shows gather revenue in excess of any Bollywood Blockbuster Box office collection .
Stand –Up Comedy is an art, where Comedian tries to engage /interact and involve its audience to see other side of Real _life or imaginary situation. This role is very demanding as it’s much more than telling a 30 second joke which anyone can handle. Many time punches don’t work or people fails to understand the humor in the dialogue or audience is too grossed in other discussion that they are not even listening and many such situation arises where comedian have to act accordingly and have to make instant modifications to get attention and make mix breed of his listeners equally happy .
So People now have been trying to make full time CAREER as a Stand Up Comedian setting aside their Heavyweight Professional Degree like CA , MBA , Engineering and even Doctorate .Some of the Famous Stand Up Indian Comedian’s include name like VIR DAS , AIB fame TANMAY BHAT, ADITI MITTAL , ABISH MATHEW and the talk of the Nation KAPIL SHARMA .
LIVEINSTYLE “is a platform which provides complete Info on the Current and Upcoming Stand up Act’s in most happening places of the Town. Their website is a rich source on Information of India’s Leading artists, along with informative articles and Video Comedy Act which can help in learning and improving skills of new entrant in this domain. They are also working in nurturing the raw talent in this field by hosting “ COMEDY HUNT “ on You tube to provide them a stage to showcase their skills along with a chance to join the LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY COMEDIANS “ . To know more & join on this journey , visit URL : http://www.liveinstyle.com/stand-up-comedy and also follow #StandUpComedyinStyle on various social media platform to remain updates on COMEDY HUNT series and at the same time checkout some mind blogging acts on their YouTube channel.


This website also hooks up City’s best joints for Hangout be it weekday or weekend and membership of “LIVEINSTYLE” provide opportunity to earn Privilege Invitee to the Best of the Best Exclusive parties hosting Indian , International DJ’s . So it’s a One Stop Point to Plan your PARTY for any occasion and even for Hipster’s like us whose Sole Motto in life is to PARTY hard & harder like there is no TOMORROW 🙂


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